How to Make Holidays at the Office a Hit

With the holidays soon upon us, we wanted to share some of our favorite tips for bringing holiday cheer to the office.

How to Make Holidays at the Office a Hit

Winter is here–along with the holidays and the end of Q4. So if you’re looking for ways to provide that last boost of motivation for the year and celebrate around the office, here are some cheery ideas.


Office decorations are a great way to boost morale and fill the office with some holiday cheer. Turn on the tunes, brew some warm coca, hand out candy canes, wrap the chairs in giftwrap, put bows on the windows and bring your teams together. Remember also to consider different holiday celebrations in order to be inclusive of all your employees.

For an environmentally-friendly option, consider asking employees to bring in any old holiday decorations that they may have lying around to contribute to the collection. How to Make Holidays at the Office a Hit


The holidays are a perfect time for getting to know your employees on a personal level. What’s going on in their lives? How are things at home? What are they looking forward to? What is stressing them out? How can you help? Year-end reviews are important, but so are casual and personal conversations.

Be sure that you’re not just “checking the boxes” to report to management for reviews but instead also checking in on your people and their daily lives.

Conduct a Themed Competition

A themed sales competition can be a great way to promote productivity while still encompassing the holiday spirit. Additionally, including Holiday-themed treats as prizes add a unique touch–and could contribute to higher employee engagement.

Read on to learn about our “Gift Swap” sales competition.

Gift Swap Sales Contest

This sales contest is based on our “Gift Swap” layout, in which managers can fill boxes with gifts for sales reps to randomly open when they complete qualifying activities.

For instance, if the manager chooses that each sale or each offer sent qualifies to open a gift, then once the sales rep completes that activity, the will have the opportunity to select a gift (in this case, represented by pumpkins). Before a gift is opened, it is marked with a question mark. After a gift is opened, the prize will be shown, along with the user who owns that prize.

To make things even more interesting, it is possible to steal/swap gifts up until the competition ends. For instance, if it is your turn to open a new gift, but you prefer to try and steal someone else’s instead, you may select their gift instead of opening a new gift. However, you are not guaranteed to succeed at this and managers can choose the percentage chance of a successful steal/swap from 1–100%. The higher the percentage, the higher the likelihood of a successful steal/swap.

When the time runs out on this competition, the prizes are then locked and should be awarded to the winners.

Running the Gift Swap Competition

We recommend that managers set up and begin running this competition at the beginning of December, and allow it to run throughout the month. Or, if you prefer, run weekly contests awarding prizes each week until the end of the month to make things more interesting.

Prize Competition (Christmas) - SalesScreen from Dogu on Vimeo.

Festive Prize Ideas

We suggest staggering the prizes a bit so that there are some medium/big items as well as some smaller items. Here are a few examples of prizes:

  • Homemade cookies
  • Starbucks gift cards (Mmmm Peppermint Mocha Latte, anyone?)
  • Mulled wine
  • Tickets to a holiday play
  • Personalized nameplate
  • Animal onesie
  • Apple TV or Apple AirPods
  • Desk decorated for the holidays
  • Moscow Mule mugs
  • Seasonal beverage flavor of choice for kitchen/lounge area
  • 1-year Audible subscription
  • Pair of skis + boots
  • Flat screen TV

Naughty or Nice?

If you decide that you really want to put the “naughty” in “Naughty or Nice” this year, we’ve got some clever ideas. Remember, once someone completes a qualifying activity, they can swap gifts.

So, consider adding one of these “lumps of coal” into the mix and watch people scramble to complete activities to trade them away. Maybe too mischievous, maybe a great laugh… we’ll let you decide.

  • Clean up the office after the party
  • Take out the trash
  • Wash/put away the dishes
  • Dress up like Santa for the holiday party

Download our “Gift Swap” infographic here. How to Make Holidays at the Office a Hit

We hope these tips will help to spread some joy around your office and encourage a strong finish to 2018. Happy holidays from our team to yours!

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