Our Holiday Gift to You..a new Rewards Shop!

Just in time for the holidays, a brand new Reward Shop to make the season of giving even easier!

Our Holiday Gift to You..a new Rewards Shop!

‘Tis the season of giving, and this year we are excited to release the gift that keeps on giving: our newly revamped, better than ever, Rewards Shop! We wanted to make it easier for your sales reps to get the rewards that drive them forward while making it even more efficient and easy to use for managers. Our Devs, I mean elves, have been hard at work on this, so let's walk through some of the new features of our updated rewards shop!

Custom Categories

In an effort to make end-users shops more customized and help admins create more organization across their rewards shop, we have built out the ability to add categories to the rewards shop. This makes it easier for users to sort and find the rewards they are looking for. Users will automatically also have a“Favorite” category where all their liked rewards will be saved so that they can easily go in and save those bigger rewards or check in on the cost of those sweet headphones. Admins will also see a“Disabled” category which shows all the rewards which have been disabled and are not currently available to the end user. This feature should make it easier for users to create a library of desired rewards while making it easier than ever for admins to include, exclude, and aggregate certain prizes.

Multiple Featured Rewards

Do you want to tantalize your reps with that new watch, huge TV, or that awesome golf outing? Admins can now highlight several rewards to be featured at the top of the rewards shop. Admins now have an unlimited amount of featured rewards which will automatically be sorted so that the most recent rewards will appear first. You can continue to add to this list to keep your rewards shop looking fresh or keep the same top prizes to keep those rewards on the top of your reps’ minds.

Company Cost

Not all rewards cost the same, and certain rewards, like gift cards, can be purchased at a discounted rate. Admins are now able to add the company cost to each reward to help them know the actual amount coming out of the reward shop. The cost added to each individual reward is also shown on the transactional page, so it will be easier for admins to calculate the actual cost going out from the reward shop. Your admins can then, in turn, promote certain prizes higher in the rewards shop in an effort to reduce the cost to the company or weed through the current offerings to optimize your shop.

Revert Accepted Rewards

Now let’s talk about a quality of life improvement that should ease some tension in the case of an unfortunate mixup. Admins are now able to revert accepted rewards if so needed. For example, if an admin has by accident accepted a reward that was not in stock, they now have the ability to revert the transaction, and the coins will automatically be transferred back to the user who made the purchase. You can find the revert option by expanding the entry in the transaction tab.

Email Notifications

If your sales reps are a bit impatient(aren't we all around the holidays?), your admins can now get email notifications whenever a user has requested a reward. This can be turned on by each individual user by going to their profile settings—> privacy—> subscribe to reward request emails.

Dropdown or Text Field Options

Tired of your reps putting in a request for a reward like a shirt only to have to turn around and ask them for sizing or color preference? Admins can now add up to three fields of either dropdowns or text fields, enabling them to get users to fill in information such as addresses, color, and size. The text fields and dropdowns can either be required or optional. If you want the fields to be required, you need to check the required field box. This new feature will make it easier than ever for your managers to approve requests and will drastically cut down on the back and forth between admins and end users.

Want to learn how to set up the reward shop, check out our article here on how to get started.

Happy holidays from our team to yours, and enjoy our new and improved rewards shop!

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