Solving Call Center Pain Points with Sales Gamification

We sat down with a few of our outbound call center clients to explore how they are employing gamification to address some of their major pain points.

Solving Call Center Pain Points with Sales Gamification

Sales gamification is taking over the business world, with over “ 50% of startups saying that they “were integrating gaming elements into their strategy.”

In regard to outbound contact centers, sales gamification is a great way to solve many of the common pain points. If implemented properly, call center managers and employees will see improvements and reap the benefits. We chatted with one of our top call center clients, Convins, to discuss how sales gamification led to happier workers and better sales for their organization.

Problem: Agents lack motivation and are disengaged.

Solution: Implement digital sales leaderboards and competitions to inspire better performance.

One of the first things that Convins wanted to improve was their employee motivation. After introducing a dashboard with digital sales leaderboards and other relevant data, they noticed a huge difference in their employee engagement level.

”If an appointment does not immediately appear on the screen, employees will come and ask why their appointment is not visible. This means they are engaged and looking at the screens, waiting for their name to appear. In the past everyone went to the physical leaderboard, situated in the hallway, to tally their appointments. That was the only time you saw the results of your peers. Now everybody is confronted with their personal results and that of their coworkers in a positive way. Even when outside the office, people still check progress and like activities.” –Jonathan van Leersum, Operational Director, Convins

Running competitions has also contributed to higher engagement and motivation. People are reinvigorated to better their results and a sense of healthy competition creates a fun, ambitious atmosphere throughout the office. Convins even noted that their results increased by 20% in the weeks that they were running a competition. Solving Call Center Pain Points with Sales Gamification

Problem: Toxic company culture due to frequent turnover and low morale.

Solution: Use SalesScreen to encourage collaboration and teamwork. Connect your teams throughout different offices/locations.

”SalesScreen ‘does’ something to people, it has a positive influence on social interaction, inspires friendly competition and increases the visibility of our people.”

Having transparency and awareness between managers and co-workers leads to a much healthier and more positive work environment. Since SalesScreen allows everyone to see each other’s results and relevant company data, there is a sense of equality and openness that results in good overall culture within the company. Collaboration is encouraged and people feel more connected to each other.

”Coworkers get to ‘know’ each other through the screens and are able to see what others are working on, this triggers them to appreciate each other.”

With company dashboards and TV screen updates and celebrations, it is easy for everyone to stay informed and connected–even throughout different offices and locations. So if Dave makes a sale in the Trondheim office, everyone in the Oslo office immediately knows and can celebrate along with him. Solving Call Center Pain Points with Sales Gamification

Problem: High turnover and difficulty recruiting talent.

Solution: Connect each activity to real-world incentives to develop mastery. Celebrate achievements and milestones together.

High turnover rate is the number one problem for most outbound contact centers. Similarly, it is difficult and expensive to recruit talent and to come off as a desirable workplace. A way to combat this is by providing a path to learning. By connecting activities to real-world incentives in order to develop mastery, you empower your employees to be better, which results in higher levels of job satisfaction. And if people feel like they are being challenged and have opportunities for growth, they are way more likely to stay in a job.

Celebrating achievements and milestones together with your colleagues also contributes to happier workplaces and better company culture, which, in turn, reduces turnover rates. Once this occurs, recruiting becomes less costly and it is much easier to find people that want to work for you. Solving Call Center Pain Points with Sales Gamification

Problem: KPIs not reached.

Solution: Leverage data visualization and recognition to provide more awareness on targets.

The major concern for many contact center managers is ensuring that they hit their targets on a regular basis. And without performance awareness, recognition or incentives it’s not surprising that KPIs are consistently not met.

Data visualization changes the game by painting a clear and easy-to-interpret picture of the data and sales results. Suddenly people have a much better idea of how they are performing in comparison to their colleagues, and there is a spike in engagement and motivation–resulting in KPIs being reached.

Solving Call Center Pain Points with Sales Gamification

Providing recognition is also a key factor in driving better performance and meeting goals. People crave recognition for their hard work, and a little can go a long way. In fact, 83% of employees think it's better to praise someone than give them a gift.” Sales gamification is an effective tool for giving recognition to people when they perform well. If they make a big sale, it automatically pops-up on TV screens to alert their colleagues. Digital leaderboards reflect the top performers and make it simple for managers to give the leader a “job well done.” Someone can win a competition and–in addition to a prize–receive acknowledgement for their achievement from managers and co-workers alike.

Solving Call Center Pain Points with Sales Gamification

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