What the Heck Is Sales Gamification?!?!

The dictionary defines gamification as: “The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) in non-game contexts to drive a desired behavior to other areas of activity by digitally engaging people to achieve their goals: gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in life fun”. But, what is it really?

What the Heck Is Sales Gamification?!?!

Gamification is a powerful tool for sales leaders that allows them to track performance on KPIs, raise awareness on goals, effortlessly run real-time sales contests, and recognize and reward the behaviors that lead to success. However, gamification isn’t new.

Why use gamification for sales?

What the Heck Is Sales Gamification?!?!

Sales leaders have been using gamification in some form or another for about as far back as you can imagine. Leaderboards and sales bells have been around for ages and years ago, managers used to run competitions across offices with a fax machine, sending the tallied reports in once per day. As you can imagine, it’s kind of hard to keep up engagement with that sort of technology, especially in today’s fast-paced world where bosses have to compete with Facebook, YouTube videos and mobile games like Pokemon Go.

Needless to say, it is harder than ever for managers to keep people engaged and focused. Although technology has driven incredible benefits, it has also made it much harder to focus on daily tasks or stay engaged in the workday without constant distractions. In addition, while Excel and CRM systems have made it easier to record and share data, there is much more data to enter and sales reps become fatigued and uninterested as a result. So, Gamification aims to help solve that by making sales more interesting, exciting, engaging and fun.

Who should use gamification?

What the Heck Is Sales Gamification?!?!

Gamification revolves around developing unique new uses for implementing the fun of gaming into motivation for businesses. Due to its ability to streamline and simplify many of the things that sales leaders are already doing, such as providing awareness on KPIs and making it easier to run sales contests, gamification for sales has become a huge success. It is a great fit for anyone who wants to boost engagement while driving performance on specific targets, in a unique new way.

You don’t have to be a hardcore “gamer” to appreciate the fun of games. The software is fully customizable and as a result, both managers and employees will find a whole new toolbox available to help them bring more fun, motivation, and sense of progression into the workplace. This helps to drive action on desired behaviors (calls, meetings, emails, CRM recording, etc) by providing awareness on key sales targets at the individual, team and company level.

Sales gamification platforms generally share a few common elements. These include badges and rank levels to signify experience and accomplishments, leaderboards to raise awareness on common goals, and sales competitions in a variety of templates and functions. There are a handful of sales gamification leaders in the market today, although each has a slightly different focus. However, the overall goal is the same: to drive desired behavior on clearly defined objectives in a fun and motivating way that leads to higher productivity and more engaged sales reps.

The bottom line: Happier employees!

What the Heck Is Sales Gamification?!?!

Happy employees do more work and are be better representatives of your corporate environment. Sales gamification is a great way to make work more fun, rewarding and engaging by simply providing the right tools to sales managers. While the idea is not necessarily new, cloud-based technology now allows gamification to take place in real-time which makes it much easier to run sales contests, recognize achievements and keep the momentum going. Sales gamification also rewards the completion of otherwise mundane and boring tasks, such as reporting sales activities into your CRM.

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