Sales competitions
Fun for the entire team!

Sales contests are important, but they're also time consuming, hard to manage and almost impossible to run in multiple offices simultaneously. 

SalesScreen allows you to create and manage multiple sales competitions in just minutes. Just select a competition type, layout, participants, settings and prizes... and you're done! Run as many contests as you want at the same time. 

Guaranteed to increase friendly competitiveness, fun and performance. 

Sales competitions Fun for the entire team!
You control it all customizable, quick & easy

You control it all customizable, quick & easy

Whether you want this competition to finish on time, value, or other activity, customizing competitions to meet your needs is fast and easy.

Pick a competition from our growing template collection and customize it specifically for your organization. 

You can even choose the number of winners to highlight and whether the participant types are individual sales reps or teams.

Real-time competitions
drive engagement

Increase the focus and enthusiasm of your sales reps by setting up real-time competitions.

On TV, web or mobile, your salespeople will be able to follow the competition as it progresses.

Make it fun to stay connected, informed, and engaged.

Build winning culture through friendly competition

Great sales teams don't just happen. They're built from the ground up. 

SalesScreen makes sales contests more fun than ever before. 

Whether it's building a cabin, fishing, swapping gifts or racing on cars, boats, bikes, or skis, these competitions are guaranteed to boost fun & activity.

We promise that your sales reps will all want to be the next one to close a sale.

Battle mode Head-to-Head Competitions

Battle mode
Head-to-Head Competitions

Individuals can now challenge each other in head-to-head sales competitions!

You can now quickly create your own challenge and send an invitation to a colleague on both web and mobile app. Create any bet you want, or none at all.

Are you and a friend always bragging about who's the best? Find out. 

Raise the stakes and see who buys lunch or beer on Friday.

Drive performance
with individual contests

It feels good to close a sale. It feels good to compete, too. 

Now, you can do both at the same time. Make everyday activities more interesting by setting challenges on key goals. Who can close the most deals, achieve the highest customer satisfaction score, or book the most demo meetings?

Simply figure out what activity leads to positive results, then create a competition around it and be sure to make the incentives rewarding. 

Drive performance with individual contests
Inspire teamwork with team competitions

Inspire teamwork
with team competitions

Great teams are built on teamwork, and great teamwork is built through friendly competition and a focus on achieving common goals. 

We want to reinforce team spirit throughout your organization by allowing you to bring your teams together in a fun, dynamic, engaging environment that will keep sales performance at its peak.

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