Ola Bakke

Ola Bakke

Sales Manager, SpareBank 1

We have experienced incredible growth since bringing this software into our office, over 300% in a single year and it's amazing to see how well our sales reps react to the leaderboards, competitions and other rewards.


SpareBank 1’s Oslo insurance call center increased annual revenues more than 300% in a single year by using SalesScreen to structure their sales process, measure performance and reward achievements.  


SpareBank 1 is headquartered in Oslo and is Norway’s second largest bank with 352 branches and 6300 employees offering a wide variety of banking, insurance and financial services products.


Sales manager Ola Bakke has managed to turn SpareBank 1’s new Oslo-based insurance call center into a great success. For outstanding performance, he was named Salesman of the Year by SpareBank 1.

Under Ola Bakke’s leadership, his sales teams have increased their individual sales rep average by 400% and increased total revenue by over 300% in just one year. The call center has also grown from 7 to 28 employees and now consists of five teams that operate with private insurance, corporate insurance and pension... but it wasn’t always easy. Here’s how they did it. 


In 2012, SpareBank 1 opened a new call center in Oslo. From that time until the end of 2013, they had only 5 employees and a whiteboard in the corner for measuring sales metrics and running competitions.

In 2014, things began to slowly improve. Eager to keep the momentum going, their management staff turned to SalesScreen. The team had only sold for NOK 14.5M up until July that year and they were looking for something to accelerate performance.

"It was really hard at first. We lacked structure and therefore it was a challenge to do even simple tasks like nail down performance metrics, motivate our reps or run sales competitions. We lost 60% of our sales team the first year and only had a total revenue of NOK 11M. We were uncertain of what the future would look like and I knew we had to increase the sales numbers. Then we found SalesScreen..."


In order to clearly define key tasks, track performance and motivate sales reps, SpareBank 1 adopted SalesScreen’s sales performance software. Things quickly turned around and the company achieved incredible success by incentivizing key business objectives such as:

  • Running real-time team and individual sales competitions to boost cohesion and productivity
  • Using leaderboards to recognize performance
  • Awarding points and unique badges for completing sales activities
  • Increasing awareness, accountability and transparency through data visualization on web and TV
  • Tracking more KPIs in their system
  • Boosting CRM adoption rates by making data entry more rewarding



Within just the first 5 months of using SalesScreen, SpareBank 1 surpassed all of their previous sales records and managed to close NOK 18M in new deals. They also managed to nearly eliminate employee churn.

SpareBank 1 also implemented a sales training program, using SalesScreen’s software to measure performance, keep the excitement up and pursue clearly defined sales targets each month. By the end of 2014, their office was going strong with 11 total employees and they finished the year with a total of NOK32.5M in revenue.

"SalesScreen keeps our reps informed and competitive by making our sales process public and transparent. It’s amazing as a sales leader to walk into the office, look up at the screens and see who is leading in which categories. CRM’s and spreadsheets can be really boring and daily tasks get tiring; so at the end of the day, we need something that is going to keep reps engaged in their work and striving to exceed their targets. SalesScreen helps us to achieve that."


Continuing the Success

As 2015 rolled around, the company experienced massive growth. Owing much of their success to a better sales process, a boost in CRM adoption rates, ongoing sales training programs and much better ability to track performance in real-time, SalesScreen began to show its true value.  

SpareBank 1 closed 2015 at NOK 103 MILLION, increasing the previous year's revenues by more than 300% and witnessing a 10X increase in total revenue in just 18 months. They also DOUBLED their sales staff in just a single year in order to keep up with the demand.

"I would definitely say that about 10% of our sales comes from increased competition and motivation through SalesScreen directly; just having the data, the fun competitions, the motivated office atmosphere… it makes a huge difference."

By the way, 10% of NOK 103M is more than NOK 10M, meaning that even after provisions, SalesScreen has paid itself off for this SpareBank 1 call center for a very long time, within just a single 12 months of use. We would say that is a pretty amazing return on investment.


Long-term Vision

As we enter into 2016 and look forward to another amazing year, what’s on the top of Ola’s mind? “Well, like any sales leader, I want to continue growth, keep my reps happy, locate new customers and keep my top talent from leaving.”

When asked how he intends to achieve this years’ goals, Ola replied "In my experience, people are more interested in working in a fun and dynamic environment that recognizes their performance and rewards them for all their hard work. We want to be known as incredible salespeople who manage to make work fun every day."



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