Keeping Your Sales Team Motivated Can Be A Real Struggle

Does your sales team struggle to hit goals? You are not alone. 60% of sales leaders are unsure if they will hit their team revenue goals each quarter. From low call volumes and poor engagement to struggling to ramp up new reps, even the smallest bumps really add up. So how can you keep your team engaged and motivated while giving them the tools to thrive through hardships? It’s time to unlock your sales team’s potential with gamification.

Stop Your Reps from Missing Quota

One of the most common reasons sales teams miss their quotas is because reps don’t have a clear vision of how small tasks like hitting a certain number of cold calls per day actually effects the company’s bottom line. We simplify the process by baking daily best practices into our achievements, competitions, and much more. With SalesScreen, your reps will make the daily calls and complete those routine activities that get them above and beyond goal, and they love it!

Gamifying the Steps to Success

Sales is one of the most taxing professions, with the repetitious slog of cold calls and constant outreach quickly leading to burnout. So how do you incentivize, inspire, and ignite your sales team to love doing the activities that push your company forward? In short, Sales Gamification. Gamification taps into the psychological drivers which motivate the individuals on your team and engages them to make pipeline-building and deal-driving tasks more engaging, interesting, and most importantly, fun. So, what can your sales team accomplish with SalesScreen?

An Engaged Team is a Profitable Team

Every sales team has the same top 10-20% of performers who win every competition. These are your killers. They go out every day and book meetings, hit their sequences, and know how to get things done. But that leaves 80-90% of your team feeling left out and disengaged.

We utilize inventive and creative competitions that give your low and middle performers a chance to win, grow, and thrive, even if they don’t make the most calls or book the most meetings. On average, our clients experience an average KPI boost of 60.6% for middle performers and a massive 106.75% for low performers. Get your team in the game with SalesScreen.

Save Time with Psychology

Gamification is built on the foundation of proven psychological drivers that activate every personality type. We take the guesswork out of motivating your entire team by tapping into these drivers with achievements, competitions, and coaching software, all backed by rewards that actively drive them forward. Not only that, but our intuitive and easy-to-use data visualization dashboards kick clunky sales reports to the curb and make coaching a breeze. Help your teams thrive with real-time access to data, intelligent goals, creative competitions, and prizes that they care about.

When running SalesScreen competitions.

When running SalesScreen competitions.

While running one-day blitzes.

While running one-day blitzes.

Of the over 13,600 competitions analyzed.

Of the over 13,600 competitions analyzed.

In the first 12 months of using SalesScreen.

In the first 12 months of using SalesScreen.

How SalesScreen Stacks Up

We don’t just live in gamification, we lead the pack. Most recently, we were awarded best customer service and easiest setup for small businesses! As gamification leaders and sales performance management high performers for six straight quarters, you are going to love your SalesScreen experience.


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When running SalesScreen Competitions

Leader - Winter 2023
Most Implementable - Winter 2023
High Performer - Winter 2023

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