Level Up Your Sales Team with Sales Gamification

Sales gamification has been scientifically proven to boost KPIs, drastically increase motivation, and help recreate the buzz of the sales floor for a remote workforce. Don’t just compete, make your middle performers your new secret weapon with SalesScreen.

When running SalesScreen competitions.

When running SalesScreen competitions.

While running one-day blitzes.

While running one-day blitzes.

Of the over 13,600 competitions analyzed.

Of the over 13,600 competitions analyzed.

In the first 12 months of using SalesScreen.

In the first 12 months of using SalesScreen.

How Gamification Within Sales Works

Not all sales reps are built the same. Some teams thrive on extrinsic motivators, like monetary gains, to really push themselves to the next level and remind themselves of what they are working towards. Other teams are more intrinsically motivated by things like earning achievements, personal goals, or accomplishing new milestones. Sales gamification takes all these motivators and rolls them into one streamlined product.

We offer a full suite of products to fit any team, all baked into our smart and streamlined analytics platform to give your team real-time access to your KPIs, access to dozens of innovative competition styles, and a fully customizable reward shop. We are happy to help you customize and build the perfect dashboard to fit your needs, push your sales reps further, and minimize the work on your management team.

Sales Gamification Software and Middle Performers

Wouldn’t it be great if your low and middle performers had the drive and habits of your top 10% of sellers? Sales gamification turns your low and middle performers into your new secret weapon, with SalesScreen boosting middle performers’ KPIs by 61% and low performers’ KPIs by 107%. Start motivating your team with the rewards they want, tools that enable their growth, and a sales culture that motivates them to develop healthy habits every day.

Common uses of sales gamification.

Have you ever gotten lost in a game of Candy Crush? Pushed yourself harder to outpace a Peloton rival? If so, you’ve been played—by gamification. From fitness apps and zoom filters to sales calls and social feeds, gamification has permeated many aspects of our daily lives. The practice of adding game-like elements to non-gaming environments improves engagement and performance.

Gamification can be competitive — like a contest for salespeople. It can also be collaborative, like a group of software developers working together during a hackathon.

See How Gamification Could Work For You

Drop us a line and we can walk you through solutions that will motivate your team to reach their maximum potential.


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