Gamification for the Win
Gamification for the Win

Gamification for the Win

Your team is a unique group, so why use the same tactics, competitions, and incentives to motivate them? Gamification helps managers tap into the individual drivers which motivate their sellers, increasing productivity, engagement, and morale. Visualize your Outreach metrics in a way that gives sellers unprecedented access to their KPIs and then get your team competing, celebrating, and building pipeline like never before 💪.

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  • Real-time integration with Outreach
  • Essential gamification elements to get your team hitting goal

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Boost Productivity, Pipeline, & Performance

Your sales team spends hours every day emailing, cold calling, and video messaging, but tracking these activities is only half the battle. SalesScreen Essentials allows you to easily visualize and gamify your most important Outreach data so your team focuses on the metrics that matter.


Never pull another clunky report again! Our real-time integration with Outreach easily visualizes your most important metrics in an easy-to-read dashboard that keeps the entire team in the know on team and personal goal progression.


Turn up the heat with a selection of competitions that gets your team excited to crush their goals. Features like Nemesis let end users pick another player to compete against within the competition and use the competition chat for a little friendly banter to keep things interesting.


Big goals can be overwhelming, but they don't have to be. Achievements break down large team goals into unlockable badges which recognize the small but mighty milestones your team hits, like most prospects added to sequence or most popular sequence.

Social Feed

Keep your team in the know with our social feed that automatically surfaces milestones and wins, making it easy to recognize the hard work being done daily and encourage friendly banter among your team.

Turn up the Excitement and Engagement

SalesScreen Essentials is the perfect solution for sales teams looking to increase motivation, morale, and engagement with platform features like the social feed and SalesSurround. Use the feed as your one-stop shop to see goal progression, celebrate wins, and share endorsements and then highlight them to the whole team with SalesSurround, our multiscreen motivational megaphone for TV, desktop, and mobile. Encourage players to create personalized YouTube celebrations that show up across all devices whenever a milestone is hit and get the entire team in on the celebrations.