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Mind the Motivation Gap

Mind the Motivation Gap

Our first industry study reveals a startling difference between how well managers think they’re motivating their teams, and how reps rate their efforts. More than 200 sales professionals tell us what’s working—and what needs adjustment.

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Mind the Motivation Gap

Managers say poorly motivated reps are tanking teams

60% of managers ranked “low individual motivation” as the biggest challenge to motivating their teams. But 86% of reps said they are motivated.

Managers give themselves high marks—reps disagree

When asked to rate themselves on key indicators like communication, recognition, and motivational prowess, managers score themselves well. Ratings by reps didn’t line up.

Motivation and morale problems go hand in hand

Managers who cited “low individual motivation” as a top problem were much more likely to also cite “team morale,” suggesting the problem is bigger than one or two reps.

What works for some reps, isn’t working for all

Traditional tactics like goal setting and real-time updates work well for the majority of reps who identified as “motivated.” The rest chose motivators that are less often supported by incentives.

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Mind the Motivation Gap: You think you know what motivates your reps,but do they agree?

Our premier study shows that managers think they’re crushing it, but reps aren’t so sure. More than 200 sales professionals reveal which tactics work and where there is room for improvement.

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