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Navigating the Next Normal

How 5 top SaaS companies are motivating and celebrating sales teams now

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What's inside:

  • How GumGum's Chief Growth Officer, Ben Plomion, extended empathy and laid a foundation for future sales
  • How Brightcove's Vice President of Sales, Erin Cullen, managed junior and senior sellers for maximum results
  • How Chargebee's SVP of Global Sales, Germain Brion, struggle to recognize and celebrate wins led to a key partnership
  • How Drift's SVP of Inside Sales & International, Josh Allen, energized its team to become a remote working role model
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You might remember it: the chatter of the sales floor, the glug of the water cooler, and — of course — the victorious ring of a gong. It’s a potent cocktail of camaraderie and competition that a Zoom happy hour can’t possibly recreate.

The abrupt shift to remote work has had a unique effect on sales teams who thrive on team dynamics and momentum. And as the world manages an uneven battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely that remote work or some hybrid remote/in-office workforce will become the next normal.

In this guide, sales leaders from top SaaS share key lessons learned in the pandemic’s early days, the best practices to help teams stay motivated and productive, and how they’ll apply those lessons as we move forward.

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