SalesScreen Now Integrates with Slack!!! A Match Made in Heaven <3

Our two favorite tools are now connected! Learn more about the SalesScreen Slack integration.

David Smith

Head of Marketing - January 15, 2020

Sometimes there are two things that come together to make something better than either one of the things ever could have been alone. Here are some examples:

In case you haven’t guessed, we’re only directly responsible for creating one of these combinations 😉 That’s right, you can now integrate SalesScreen with Slack!!! ❤️

Now you can push your SalesScreen feed messages to a Slack channel of your choice in real-time! (It’s so beautiful I might cry)

To get started, visit:

Or, check out this quick (and super motivational) video first:

Slack Integration from SalesScreen on Vimeo.


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