Features and Benefits 1-Pager

This 1-pager gives a brief overview of the key features and benefits of using SalesScreen.

A quick and well-designed 1-page intro to some of the key features & benefits of SalesScreen

Wondering exactly what SalesScreen is, how it works, what the key features are and what benefits we provide to our customers? Then this short PDF is just for you!


✓ Celebrate on TV screens with personal photo, music and sale information

✓ Social feed for collaboration and encouragement

✓ Tons of customizable slides to show your latest company updates in real-time

✓ Sales contests in real-time

✓ “Battle Mode” for 1-1 challenges

✓ Customizable milestone “Events” to celebrate outstanding performance

✓ Leaderboards and Wall of Fame

✓ Download to see more...


Door dit formulier in te dienen geeft u Salesscreen toestemming om contact met u op te nemen om te kijken hoe SalesScreen uw organisatie kan helpen.

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