Our mission

We build stronger and more productive organizations all around the world by helping teams to set goals, measure progress and celebrate achievements in real-time.

Prova SalesScreen

Our Purpose

The success of every company is a result of their combined talent.

Even the leading products and services fall short if the people behind can’t perform at their very best. That is why we created SalesScreen. A tool that makes every employee utilize their talent and perform at the top of their potential.

We make the process of selling into a team effort, combining individual motivational instruments with cultural aspects and a winning mentality. In short, we have transformed the challenging work of sales into a professional, motivating and exciting game. A game where all your employees will have fun whilst competing amongst each other for the top-position!


Fire up the sales floor with some friendly competition

Ignite the competitive instincts with real-time contests and close more deals

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Who doesn’t like celebrating?

Recognize your employees and give them feedback in real-time

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Show the office who’s on top

Raise the bar and show your middle performers what it takes to be on top

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Provide instant awareness on target attainment

Build high-performing teams by creating transparency on key targets

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