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Boosting sales performance in 2021

Out of the study, SalesScreen customers saw an immediate impact in revenue-contributing KPIs or activities ranging from top-of-the-funnel outreach to marathon-winning blitzes.

SalesScreen’s platform allows revenue teams to increase sales performance by visualizing what sales reps are up to in real-time within clear and actionable dashboards, then boost pipeline development and sales activity using highly effective motivation and gamification tools that meet the needs of globally distributed organizations—whether at home or in-office.

To determine the effectiveness of sales competitions and evaluate the benefits of employee motivation software for our customers, we analyzed 8,800 competitions across a range of industries—including those impacted by the change to remote working during the pandemic between January 2019 and September 2020.

Sales activity trends.

We tracked sales competition performance by our platform’s daily and hourly activity to pinpoint the optimal time to host a competition. We then evaluated trends and economic factors at play to shed light on the state of outbound sales initiatives in 2020.

Tuesday competitions performed 15% higher than weekly average
7% average KPI increase during Covid-19 period, despite an 11% drop in various competitions being run
Sprint competitions drove best results, even though "marathon" contests like March Madness and Fantasy Football were team favorites.
Mondays were the worst day to run competitions
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Activity analysis.

SalesScreen performance winners


32% Activity increase, 27% sales increase


48% Activity increase, 32% sales increase


22% Activity increase, 22% sales increase
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6-Month Activity Increase Results

Industry breakdown.

We categorized the results by industry to get clearer picture of how revenue-generating activities increased during the first six months of using SalesScreen. All of the industries we analyzed saw a notable increase in performance for both overall activity and sales.

Activity Increase
Sales Increase
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For each competition, we computed the percentage change in measured metrics during the competition versus the preceding period. As part of our core competition analysis, we studied 8,807 competitions across two 10 week periods.


We analyzed data across a range of industries: Hospitality, Energy, Telcos, Advertising, Financial, Insurance, Technology, Real Estate, Staffing, Automobile and Consulting.

We categorized the results into two sets of data:

Measured Metric

Specific goals that a team or manager has assigned during the sales blitz. This could be anything from calls made, emails sent, demos booked, to a closed deal.

Sales Activity

Activities that generate pipeline. For example, calls that result in a meeting, meetings set, demos booked or qualified opportunities.

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