31 May. 2016

Have you ever wished you could compare previous performance to your current performance? Well now you can and it’s sort of like playing Mario Kart… but for sales!

Our new “Race Yourself” slide visualizes performance between current and previous results on a given time frame as you zip along the track in GoKarts. For instance, you can view sales, meetings, offers or other activity for this month last year compared to this month this year.


This is a great way to visualize progress and ensure your sales reps are on track to crush previous numbers. It also builds motivation and awareness by allowing reps to understand the keys to boosting performance on their most important activities.

Below are a few of the ways you can custom settings this slide can use to track your performance. Simply click the dropdown menu within the setup section and select how you would like the data to be displayed.


Yesterday = today vs yesterday

Last Week = this week vs last week

Last Month = this month vs last month

Budget (Quota) = this budget vs last budget

Year = this year vs last year

Day Last Year = this day vs this day last year

Week Last Year = this week vs this week last year

Month Last Year = this day this month vs this month last year

Quarter Last Year = this quarter vs this quarter last year

Custom Dates = this period vs this period last year


Check it out in the webshop and let us know what you think!

Written by David Smith - 31/05/2016