27 Nov. 2015

1)    Polished Silver Wifi Hotpsot Cufflinks: For the James Bond on-the-go out there, these are the perfect gift. Never let your team be without wifi when they need it. Click in and share that hotspot love.


Price: $175


2)    Bamboo Knife Block Set: Ever since the famous sales movie “Glengarry Glenross” hit the scene in 1992, steak knives have been associated with sales gifts. However, this is one high-quality set of badass cutlery for the salesman turned part-time chef. Perfect for showing how much you appreciate those ninja-like cooking skills.


Price: $460


3)    Carry on Cocktail Kit: Whether your flying business class or coach, you can still be the classiest person on the plane with this amazing cocktail kit designed to mix up to two delicious cocktails at 30,000 feet. Share with a neighbor… who knows, the may be a future client.


Price: $24


4)    Apple TV 32 GB: Whether it’s watching your favorite sport, catching up on the latest season of “House of Cards” on Netflix, or watching “Mad Money” on CNBC, Apple TV has you covered.


Price: $149


5)    Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II: Nothing says classy like this set of deep bass-bumping full-range listening speaker experience. The built-in speakerphone even lets you take important sales calls out-loud. So, turn down the jams and get back to business!


Price: $199


6)    The Best Damn Sales Book Ever: 16 Rock-Solid Rules for Achieving Sales Success!: We’re pretty certain the title of this book says it all. This step-by-step guide from salesman turned multi-millionare Warren Greshes is the stuff of legends. A perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for the hungry sales rep.


Price: $17


7)    Portable Battery Charger: Let’s face it, there’s just never enough juice to nail down all those sales calls. Never run out of battery again with these portable chargers. Hey, we can’t hate on a busy sales rep. Do business.


Price: From $20


8)    Memory Foam Travel Pillow, WITH Built-In Phone Pocket: This amazingly comfortable travel pillow packs down to ¼ of its size and features a memory foam core to offer incredible comfort and support on those long flights. Added bonus: there is a media pouch for you to store your phone.


Price: $30


9)    Parrot Zik Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: Referred to as the Porsche of headphones, these beauties provide insane music quality combined with Bluetooth streaming and noise cancellation. They even have touch control panels so you can manage the playlist and volume just by touching the headset. Get your prospect on in these bad mutha’s!


Price: $400


10)    Messenger Laptop Travel Bag: For those sales reps who are always on the go and want to have everything they need safe and secure in one place while looking stylish, these bags are the way to go. No matter what your style, there’s one to suit your needs.


Price: From $80


11)    Dinner With a Marketer: Let’s face it, sales-and-marketing alignment is the Achilles heel of most organizations. This is a win-win for both sides as you build strategic alignment and share your common vision. Preferably, do this at least once a quarter. We guarantee you will see fantastic results.


Price: Don’t be cheap


12)    Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset: Sales is about one thing: communication, communication, communication. This is one piece of gear that should be in every sales rep’s bag. Great audio, incredible comfort, and plenty of hands-free features.


Price: $100


13)    Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver: Let’s be honest, sales can be won or lost with the swing of a golf club. Get your lessons on and start practicing. When you’re ready to impress, arm up with this Big Dog and launch to the stars.


Price: $450


14)    Lagavulin 16 Scotch Whisky: A personal favorite. This Islay scotch from is smooth, delicious, slightly spicy and full of peat-smoke. Perfect for celebrating a big win or a successful week. This is the benchmark dram.  


Price: $67


15)    Cork Globe: Pinpoint your travels with this stylish cork globe. Mark your world travels with thumbtacks or even use different colors to mark your ongoing sales and offers progress. Feeling lucky, give it a spin and make a cold-call to a leader in the country where your finger lands. Vaya con Dios, amigos!


Price: From $60



16)    SalesScreen: If you’ve made it this far, be sure to check out our website for more brilliant sales tips and resources. SalesScreen is an amazing sales motivation software that your whole team will love. We combine data visualization with fun gamification, using leaderboards, ranks, badges, milestone events, and insanely fun competitions to keep your sales reps engaged and motivated. Definitely be sure to add this powerful tool to your wish list this holiday season!

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Price: Starting at $15/pp/mo



To learn more about how to celebrate the holidays in style with sales motivation software, schedule a demo today! 



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David Smith

Written by David Smith - 27/11/2015