Individual, team and company competitions inspire better performance. Quick setup, automatically updated and tons of templates to choose from

Foster cohesion

Great teams rely on teamwork and focus on achieving common goals. SalesScreen lets you foster cohesion by running live team or individual competitions on the metrics that matter most to your business right now.

Give competitions a fun twist

The problem with most contests is that over time, the same people always seem to win–which can become discouraging to other employees. SalesScreen makes it possible to add variety to individual competitions that will boost excitement across the team.

Battle 1-on-1

Running competitions is almost always an initiative that comes from the top. But what if individuals could now challenge each other in head-to-head competitions? SalesScreen makes this possible. Challenge a friend or rival to see who can be the first to reach a set goal–winner takes all.

What is it for?

Level the playing field, so that everyone has a chance to succeed. Introduce some fun and friendly competition into your workplace.

Who is it for?

Companies and teams that are tired of running boring sales contests where the same few people always win.

Everything you need to run better competitions

Quick Add

Kick-off competitions with one click using our most frequently templates.

Point competitions

Assign points to all the activity types you’d like and run live competitions on points. The perfect solution to competitions across departments.

Competition Prizes

Choose the number of winners and define what prize each will receive.

Privacy on Battles

Any team member can decide to disable battle mode on his/her account. Battles can also be created as Private to keep them hidden from others.

Linear competitions

Run traditional linear competitions on a metric of your choice at the individual or team levels using one of our many different templates available.

Free-for-all competitions

Choose the metric you want to focus on and let individuals or teams compete on being the best.

Competition Announcements

Broadcast an announcement when the competition starts and finishes to TV-Screens, Web and Mobile.

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