Video celebrations on TVs connect people across offices, build company culture and bring attention to achievements–both big and small

Celebrate milestones

Sometimes, a simple activity represents a tremendous achievement in your team. It may bring you past your monthly target or break the sales record of the year. SalesScreen allows you to define your own milestones and celebrate them in style on TV screens with YouTube videos.

Stay connected

SalesScreen on web and mobile keeps your team updated on accomplishments and milestones, whether out in meetings or working from home. Meanwhile, likes and comments allow peers to give and receive positive feedback.

Earn rewards

Go beyond gamification with SalesScreen Rewards. Everyone is motivated differently; create your own personalized webshop where users can exchange coins for real-world prizes that are meaningful to them.

Who is it for?

Build stronger company culture by giving praise and recognition where it’s due and celebrate wins together as a team.

What is it for?

Companies that want to bring their offices together, boost motivation and ensure that events worthy of recognition never go unnoticed.

Everything you need to build a culture of appreciation

Customize Announcements

Customized how, where and to whom accomplishments will be broadcast.

Award badges

Reward milestones achieved with one of our 160 stunning badges.

Company Feed

Stay up to date at all times with activities within your team with our Company Feed

Schedule events

Create milestones to celebrate regularly. Perfect to reward your MVP of the week.

Personalize with videos

Celebrate your accomplishments with a YouTube video of choice.

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