Transparency & awareness
on TV screens

Say goodbye to your outdated whiteboard; your sales team deserves better.

Use slides and real-time updates to display company information, leaderboards, sales competitions, latest milestones achieved, and so much more!

We like to think of this as the sales whiteboard of the 21st century.

Transparency & awareness on TV screens
Data visualization understand your KPIs

Data visualization understand your KPIs

Data driven decisions will reduce costs and help you to grow your business. 

Stop wondering about the numbers. Make your data intuitive.

See your KPIs and metrics instantly in clear, easy to understand visualizations. 

Display your data
in a fun new way

You can't improve what you don't measure.

Are your teams aware of their progress towards goals? Are you tracking sales data in real-time? If so, do you know how to use it to drive performance improvements?

With SalesScreen, you can show forecasts, budget, quota, reports, leaderboards, wall of fame and more. Take the data with you wherever you go.  


Display your data in a fun new way


SalesScreen provides your sales reps and team leaders with forecasts on your various sales activities based on past performance: a great way to ensure that your organization is on route to reaching its budget.

Team share

Team share

Which of your teams performs best? With SalesScreen, get an overview of how much each team has contributed to the overall revenues of your organization.

Budget progression

Budget progression

SalesScreen lets you track your personal, team and company budget progression at any time.

See & understand
your performance

Measure your KPIs in brilliant displays for the whole team.

SalesScreen has tons of templates that can be tailored to display your specific sales metrics.

See trends & statistics predict sales outcomes

See trends & statistics predict sales outcomes

SalesScreen is the best tool for busy sales leaders to get insightful statistics and graphs of their sales team’s performance in just a few clicks. 

Just simply select the templates you like, add your own background photos and click to play on TV.

It's like a Spotify playlist, for sales!


Instant updates
on web, TV, and mobile app

You're busy. So, we allow you to bring SalesScreen with you anywhere.

Whether on your laptop at home or with your phone on the go, SalesScreen lets you view your sales data, get notifications and register new sales activities.

Instant updates on web, TV, and mobile app

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