Digital leaderboards highlight top performers and give others something to strive for

Highlight achievements

Everyone wants to know where they stand. Leaderboards are a great way to show progress on goals in a fun way. Who’s closing the most deals or completing the most tasks?

Inspire action

SalesScreen helps drive more activity by increasing focus on key objectives. The result is a fun workplace, aligned on common goals.

Incentivize performance

Go beyond gamification with SalesScreen Rewards. Create your own personalized webshop where users can exchange coins for real-world prizes.

What is it for?

Put a spotlight on your best performers, and motivate everyone to reach for the top.

Who is it for?

Companies and teams that want to replace the outdated sales bell and whiteboard with a digital solution that shows employees where they stand in real-time.

Everything you need to make work feel less like work

Customize Levels

Pick from one of our templates with hundreds of levels and customize it to your tastes.

Award badges

Reward milestones achieved with one of our 160 stunning badges.

Schedule events

Create milestones to celebrate regularly. Perfect to reward your MVP of the week.


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