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Motivate every seller to achieve their goals
using the power of gamification.

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Closed deals increase
in the first 12 months

Acrisure increased new revenue by 45% year-over-year after implementing SalesScreen

Hear how Rob Erfurt, Director of Sales Strategy at Acrisure, achieved impressive year over year growth by leveraging SalesScreen to train and motivate their sales reps.
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Gamification isn’t just bells and badges. It’s science.

Gamification taps into proven psychological drivers that motivate every player to win. SalesScreen’s platform gives managers the tools they need to harness the power of gamification. Our easy-to-read dashboards, pre-built competitions, coaching tools, and other amazing features will help you motivate your team to goal.

Your business is a multiplayer game.
Who’s on your team?
Your business is a multiplayer game. Who’s on your team?

Great managers know that not every player is the same.
SalesScreen knows how to motivate them all.
Great managers know that not every player is the same. SalesScreen knows how to motivate them all.



These players want to show off their skills, reach established goals, and earn elite status.

Key Drivers

  • In-game Achievements
  • Levels Unlocked


No side quest is too obscure for these players, who are all about discovery.

Key Drivers

  • Niche Badges
  • New Contest formats


These players want to collaborate and build community while striving toward team goals.

Key Drivers

  • Social Feeds
  • Celebrations


These are the ultimate peer-to-peer competitors. They want their name at the top of the leaderboard.

Key Drivers

  • Leaderboards and Rankings
  • 1v1 Battles

SalesScreen for the win

Reaching target begins with taking the right steps daily. Motivate your players to increase the ongoing activities needed to hit goal and see them reach the finish line faster, more efficiently, and more consistently.

KPI Increase

In the first 6 months of using SalesScreen

Activity Increase

When running SalesScreen Competitions

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How Acrisure Achieved 45% Year-Over-Year Growth In New Revenue Using SalesScreen

Read how Acrisure's sales enablement program Accelerator saw a 45% YoY revenue growth with SalesScreen.

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