Define objectives
& boost productivity

Gamification allows you to create fun rewards and incentives to recognize salespeople for accomplishing the tasks that matter most to your sales cycle.

Contrary to the name, gamification is much more than just a game.

Event Milestones
celebrate high achievement!

Some activities deserve more recognition that others. 

Create custom events to celebrate the big wins.

Whether it's a company record or a personal best, it feels good to celebrate! 

Pop some champagne, release balloons and enjoy your milestone.

Sales Ranks recognize progress at a glance

Sales Ranks recognize progress at a glance

Providing a continuous sense of progression to motivate your sales reps can be difficult.

So, how do you measure progress over time?

SalesScreen rewards every single sales activity with experience points (XP) allowing your reps to climb from Sales Recruit to Sales General. 

Unlockable Badges show off great performance

SalesScreen is packed with more than 100 customizable badges. Set a target and automatically award these badges to your sales reps whenever they achieve their goal.

Whether it 's closing a sale before 9 a.m, exceeding quota by 20%, or something else, SalesScreen will make your sales day more fun and engaging. 

Unlockable Badges show off great performance
Leaderboards recognize top performers

recognize top performers

SalesScreen offers a wide variety of different ways to recognize your top performers.

Leaderboards can be used to display quota progression, budget, dialer stats, reports, revenue, wall of fame, or just about any other achievement you would like to highlight.

Building great company culture starts with recognition, so start here!

Sales Gamification enable, engage, incentivize

Sales Gamification
enable, engage, incentivize

Sales reps who are more motivated and engaged close more deals.

So, why not bring gamification into the office to incentivize and reward your sales reps for their hard work and accomplishments?

At the end of the day, the sales teams that feel most recognized and appreciated are likely to bring in the most revenue. 

Recognition delivers results

Whenever a sales rep gets awarded a badge or reaches a new level, SalesScreen will give them the recognition they deserve. On screens at your office and in the company feed on web and mobile, their latest achievement will be shown for everyone to see.

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