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Keep Your Sales Team Motivated & Engaged With Sales Gamification

Gamification takes repetitive sales activities like cold calls, outreach, and data input to your CRM and bakes motivation into each level to boost KPIs, increase motivation, and help recreate the buzz of the sales floor for a remote workforce. Stop doing those stale sales competitions and turn your low and middle performers into your new secret weapon with sales gamification software.

Keep Your Sales Team Motivated & Engaged With Sales Gamification

The Science Behind Gamification & Why It Works Really Well?

Gamification taps into the way individual players on your team are motivated to unlock their true potential and make them feel like they are in control of their own personal successes. To understand what motivates the individuals on your team, we can look at the player types identified by renowned psychologist Richard Bartle. Bartle classified all players into 4 types based on their motivational drivers for obtaining a goal.

  • Killers are focused on winning, rank, and direct peer-to-peer competition and make up only less than 1% of total players.
  • Achievers make up roughly 10% of all players and are focused on attaining status and achieving preset goals quickly and completely.
  • Explorers make up another 10% and are focused on exploring with a drive to discover the unknown.
  • Socialites make up a massive 80% of player types and are focused on collaboration with a drive to develop a network of friends and contacts.

How Sales Gamification Motivates Individuals To Do More

The more incentives people earn and satisfaction they feel, the more likely they are to continue playing — even when it’s difficult. Powerful psychological motivators reinforce and build positive habits to create a continuous cycle of increasingly improved workflows.

  • Intrinsic motivation is drive that comes from within. Intrinsically motivated people feel compelled to buckle down and complete hard tasks because they really want to, not because anyone told them to. Your top salespeople don’t need much of a push to work hard because they are intrinsically motivated.
  • Extrinsic motivation is the act of being driven by external factors, like earning rewards or badges. Think about your middle and low-performing salespeople. When they are close to achieving a quota or goal, they will put in the extra work to hit those goals, especially if there is a reward system in place.

Gamification In The Workplace

Gamification is an immensely powerful tool in the workplace that helps you to train, motivate and reward diverse salesteams. Sales teams typically have a monthly leaderboard and incentives for top performers. News organizations reward writers whose articles earn the highest number of pageviews. Manufacturing plants reward teams for reaching a certain number of consecutive days without an accident. In almost every industry, gamification can be applied naturally.

There is a reason that gamification is so popular in the workplace — it just works! Benefits include:

  • Improved productivity. Gamification improves performance. In fact, 89% of employees say gamification makes them feel more productive at work.
  • Social cohesion. Gamification brings people together. 88% of employees say it makes them happier at work.
  • Buy in. Gamification drastically improves employee buy-in. In fact, 83% of workers feel “motivated” by gamified training, compared to just 28% for non-gamified training. Plus, it’s inspiring, as 72% of employees say gamification inspires them to work harder.

Most Common Sales Gamification Elements

Have you ever pushed yourself harder to outpace a Peloton rival or gotten lost in candy crush? If so, you’ve been played—by gamification. From fitness apps and zoom filters to sales calls and social feeds, gamification has permeated many aspects of our daily lives. Gamification is the perfect fusion of competition and collaboration, letting your sales reps choose how they work best and thrive through their day.

The Power of Low & Middle Performers

Wouldn’t it be great if your low and middle performers had the drive and habits of your top 10% of sellers? Sales gamification bakes in best practices into every level of your sales team to turn your low and middle performers into your new secret weapon. Overall, SalesScreen boosts middle performers’ KPIs by 61% and low performers’ KPIs by an incredible 107%. Start motivating your team with the rewards they want, tools that enable their growth, and a sales culture that motivates them to develop healthy habits every day.

Our Sales Gamification Platform Helps Global Teams

Every industry deals with their own unique hurdles, from retention difficulties to struggling to keep their team engaged. These issues only deepen as teams expand, work remotely, or change tactics. From low call volumes and poor engagement to struggling to ramp up new reps, even the smallest bumps really add up. So how can you keep your team engaged and motivated while giving them the tools to thrive through hardships? No matter what industry you work in, it’s time to unlock your sales team’s potential with gamification.

Gamification For Sales Team - Gamifying The Steps To Success

Gamification doesn’t come in a “one-size-fits-all” type of solution, but with a bit of personalization, gamification thrives in almost every industry. Here are a few great guides to get you started on your gamificaiton journey to really make the most of our platform.