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Create Healthy Sales Competitions That Inspire Global Sales Teams

When you build competitions that keep your entire team engaged, motivated, and inspired to work their best, the rewards just keep coming. Keep your team in the game with sales competitions that work for every sales rep.

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Create Healthy Sales Competitions That Inspire Global Sales Teams

4 reasons why sales competitions work in the workplace

Sales competitions are some of the most lucrative tools to instantly engage your sales reps and boost their sales numbers. With gamification, sales competitions get put in high gear with:

  • Customizable competitions that fit your team’s needs
  • Styles that engage your team and keep them creative
  • Extrinsic motivators to challenge your reps to go further
  • Visuals that keep things fun and interesting

Engage remote sales teams

The shift to a more remote workforce is here to stay, and engaging those remote sales teams is extremely important to hitting your quarterly goals. In fact, Upwork estimates that by 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely. The best way to motivate and engage remote, in office, and hybrid salesforces is by implementing a strong gamification program. Stop wondering who is hitting their goals and put your data on display with SalesScreen.

Healthy sales contests fill the pipeline

We bet you’ve never thought of peer pressure as a positive, but peer-to-peer competition is crucial when it comes to sales. Creating a sales culture built on the foundation of friendly competition backed by the support of a strong management team is the key to consistently building pipeline. Better yet, competitions focused on small daily tasks help create massive pipeline gains that can be felt for quarters to come.

Recurring sales competitions make a fortune

When your sales team competes, everyone wins. But traditional sales competitions are a hassle for managers to create, and diving into sales reports to find the winners keeps your whole team blind throughout the competition. When your sales team has access to real-time visualized data for smart and creative sales competitions, the whole team stays engaged. By gamifying your long term goals into short and digestible competitions, you’ll keep your pipeline flowing and your revenue growing.

Sales competitions boost your entire sales team

When your same 2-3 top performers constantly win sales competitions, you put the rest of your sales team at risk. Not only are underperforming reps much more likely to quit, but when reps feel like they can’t win a competition, they throw in the towel. With gamification, your entire sales team stays engaged through every competition. In fact, we boost middle performers’ KPIs by an average of 61% and low performers’ KPIs by a massive 107%. Level the playing field and boost productivity across the board with sales gamification.

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9 steps to running a successful sales contest

SalesScreen taps into your sales reps’ natural competitive streak using the power of gamification. Our dashboard keeps a running tally of individual and team stats, while real-time notifications and social features keep sellers engaged. Getting started is almost as easy as pressing play, but here are a few hints to get you started.

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