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Here’s the opener. Our people are our biggest asset.

And at SalesScreen, we don’t just say it. We live it and breathe it. Really, we do. Because if we weren’t truly motivated by our people, we wouldn’t be so successful at motivating yours. Just ask our founder and CEO, Sindre Haaland, what his favorite ice breaker is for new employees and he’ll tell you it’s hugs. Group hugs.


Curious who we are?

A global gamification platform that keeps modern teams motivated, rewarded and engaged, we’re on a mission to help our clients create the sales atmosphere of their dreams. We know motivation is everything in the sales world. That’s why our solutions combine peer-to-peer competitions with data visualization so CRO’s and managers can keep their teams living and breathing their sales ambition while driving stronger revenue and better delivery of KPIs.

Our SaaSy beginnings.

At the audacious age of 13, Sindre was coding assembly language and hacking school systems and his parents’ screens. By 16, he put a bunch of computers in a room with high-speed internet and server applications, and rented them out by the minute. Where there was no opportunity, Sindre created it. So it’s no wonder he turned a college weekend project into his first SaaS product, a corporate messaging tool that laid the groundwork for what quickly became the most comprehensive and effective gamification platform in the game.

From Hei to Tjena! to Ni hao to ‘Sup?

Before we became SalesScreen, we were a consultancy business named Dogu. Only a 3rd-year student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Sindre wanted to start a company with the smartest people in his class before the big firms snatched them up. The rest, as they say, is history.


Three Norwegians walk into an office…

We launch Dogu, a Norwegian acronym for Data & Development.


Come on in! We’re open for business.

We get to work with our first consultancy clients.


BRB, we’ve gotta launch a corporate chat tool.

We develop our first SaaS platform “Company Messenger”.


We’ll sum this year up in two words: Game on.

We build and launch the first version of SalesScreen.



Surpassing $1M in revenues, we’re able to open our 2nd office in Oslo.


Living the American Dream.

We bring SalesScreen to the U.S. with a new office in San Diego, CA.


Welkom in Nederland!

SalesScreen Europe is launched with a subsidiary office in Amsterdam.


Hem kära hem (Home, sweet home)

We put down roots in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden.


Ahh, the sweet smell of success.

We raise $3M in capital to become the world’s #1 sales team software.


Waking up in the city that never sleeps.

We move our office from San Diego to New York City.


Another stamp in the old passport.

We open a new office in Singapore to test SalesScreen on the Asian market.


Our website gets a facelift.

We overhaul the user experience and bring SalesScreen’s story to life.

Meet our (truly global) leadership.

Between them, they speak 14 languages and have stepped foot on 93 different countries, combined.

Sindre Haaland
Antoine Thébault
Øystein Heimark
Marius Ekerholt
Olga Karanikos
Emilie Anderssen
VP People Operations
Lewis Worlidge
VP Sales

Meet our multicultural, interurban, coffee-loving team.

Fluent in 17 languages and logging into work from 29 cities around the world, they’ve run 22 marathons combined, for a total of 575 miles.

Adi Grozdanic
Alice Holm
Alicia Skutle
Andrea Del Angel
Bjørn Molvig
Britt Moseley
Cailin Kless
Caroline Ingrud
Dat-Danny Pham
Eirik Anderssen
Eirik Langsether
Emil Helle
Emil Lindblom
Felicia Stuhlhofer
Hallvard Jore
Hanne Herseth
Harry Hindess
Indrit Kello
Jenn Bosques
Johannes Markeng
Jonathan Lindkvist
Julian Pettersen
Klarissa Djajalie
Kristoffer Øseth
Lars Høysæter
Madiha Benzakour
Marie Conza
Ole Jacob Christoffersen
Philip Kerr
Remi Sanderford
Sabih Ahmed
Simon Hordvik
Sondre Follesø
Thomas Testard
Ulrik Balstad
Vidar Haaland
Viktor Front
Christine Hansen
Mads Bakke
Ashley Hart
Olivia Gwynn
Emilie “Emmi” Anderssen

Emilie “Emmi” Anderssen

VP People Operations

I love working in SalesScreen because of our unique culture, the high pace and the dedication our employees have. Everyone’s voice is heard and we are able to adapt quickly to whatever the world brings.

SalesScreen by the numbers

100% Team Driven
Work from home savvy
14 languages spoken
91% starts their day with a cup of coffee
82% dog people

Our offices around the world where our people call home.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto

2345 Yale St., 1st floor, Palo Alto, CA 94306 USACome find us



Nedre Slottsgate 3B, 0157 Oslo, NorwayCome find us



Malmskillnadsgatan 32 111 51 Stockholm, SwedenCome find us



Heurlins plats 1a, 413 01 Gothenburg, SwedenCome find us



Carrer Tànger 86 Barcelona, B 08018Come find us

What we believe in.



We believe it’s not about how much you know, but how much you’re willing to learn. This nothing-can-stop-you-spirit is at our core and motivates us to create the right products that motivate you.



Taking on the titans of our industry demands great courage. Being brave alone is difficult, yet when we’re brave together, we grow, take risks and conquer one of the most competitive markets in the world.



Long days, hard work, unwavering perseverance. It was at our core when we started the company as students. And it’s our backbone today. What’s changed? Now instead of 3 dedicated teammates, we have over 60.



We really feel that great things happen at work when work really makes you feel great. That’s why we strive to create an environment that’s as fun as it is challenging and as silly as it is serious (with just the right amount of sibling rivalry.)

Now, c’mon. Join us already.

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