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Boost Productivity
Boost Productivity

Every player can be a top performer

Create a culture of healthy competition with dozens of pre-built contests that are automated, easy to launch, and designed to motivate every kind of player.

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Boost Productivity
Leaderboard Competition


We left the bells and whistles for our other competitions - the leaderboard is your standard race to the finish competing for the most activity delivered in a set time period.

Team vs Team Competition

Team vs Team

Split players into teams to battle it out over who will reach a goal first.

Brackets Competition


Bring the thrill of March Madness to your sales floor with our Bracket Competition! Sellers compete by advancing through a series of elimination rounds to the final champion.

Wheel of fortune competition Competition

Wheel of fortune competition

Just like in Sales, you need a bit of luck to win our Wheel of fortune competition! WOF introduces the element of chance and gives anyone the opportunity to win a prize.

Dice Roll Competition

Dice Roll

This is a time based competition where players win by delivering the most of the defined activity within a certain period. When a player records an activity, they get the chance to roll the dice for the chance to win an additional bonus!

Gift Swap Competition

Gift Swap

A turn-based competition with a time limit - each competitor gets to open or steal whenever they record a new activity - but once the clock runs out they’re stuck with it!

A game for every player

Pick the contest most likely to motivate your team—bracket-style tournaments, time-sensitive sprints, head-to-head battles, and more.

Motivate the middle

Middle performers make up 60% of your sales team, and we know which contests can turn them into top earners. Leverage competition Insights to dig into how each segment of your team impacts competitions and then use those insights to get your middle and low performers competing to see huge increases in their KPI metrics.