How to Run a Sales Competition Like a Gamification Expert

4 types of competition that utilize gamification and recognition.

How to Run a Sales Competition Like a Gamification Expert

If you’re anything like me, you are probably wondering where this year went! It's mind-blowing that we are in the home stretch of 2021 and already starting to plan for 2022. The team at SalesScreen are reviewing our Q4 goals and, as a leader, I am looking at this quarter and beyond!

As always at this time of year, my main question is: How can we keep the momentum building so we hit the ground running in the new year? 

Like many of you, I am already planning new goals for the team and getting creative with how to motivate them to achieve our updated key metrics. We are revamping our activities in SalesScreen to ensure the right behaviors are tracked for our results. The next step will be to apply gamification to help boost the team's excitement, foster their competitive nature, and, most importantly, celebrate their wins!

Competitions that kick off during back-to-work January have a 1.5x higher average change in metrics than any other month of the year!

Here are four other types of competition, which utilize gamification and recognition, to help kick-start the new year:

  • Two prizes is the sweet spot for motivation. This will let your team celebrate the winner and the running up.
  • Change up your teams. Custom teams drive more successful competitions.
  • Kick-off competitions on Wednesday to drive the best results. Mondays are the worst day, let the team catch up from the weekend and give them a mid-week motivation boost.
  • Change it up. There are so many options for competition types in SalesScreen. The new Bracket competition shows a 75% success rate!

Don't just take my word for it, the CSM team has expertise through the 14,000 competitions we have run across our customer base. Reach out to get more advice on how to kick start your year!

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