The WOW Effect 2022
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We call it The WOW Effect for a reason

What’s the best day to run a competition? Which contests are the most effective? What else should you be doing to achieve revenue-contributing KPIs? See how the results unfold in our latest WOW Study where we evaluated different competitions run by a wide variety of SalesScreen customers, week-over-week (WOW).

We tracked sales competition performance by our platform’s daily and hourly activity and then evaluated trends to shed light on the state of outbound sales initiatives in 2022. After analyzing 13,646 competitions completed in 2021, we observed that 64% of them led to an average KPI increase of 41.1%.

The WOW Effect 2022
+47% Sales Increase

When running SalesScreen competitions.

+86% Average KPI Increase

When running One-day Blitzes.

+64% Contest Success Rate

Of the over 13,600 analyzed competitions, most of them resulted in KPI increase.

+74% Average KPI Increase

Percentage of successful competitions in the first 12 months of using SalesScreen.

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1-Day Blitzes are not a bust

Compared to longer contests, 1-day competitions sparked a 54% activity increase and had a 67% success rate.

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Midweek Maven

Compared to weekly averages, contests started on Wednesdays outperform by a 16% increase in activity.

Keep your eye on the prize(s)

Contests that offer teams 2 prizes instead of 1 were much more successful and effective.

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Had a good vacay?

It shows in your sales

January & August AKA “Back-at-work” competitions have 1.5x more activity and are 73% more successful.

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Coins, coins and more coins!

SalesScreen users can win coins to redeem in your customized reward store. In fact, competitions have better results when coins were offered as prizes so salespeople can choose the reward they want.