101 Meaningful REWARDS Your Employees Will Love

Here's how to get the most out of using SalesScreen's Rewards webshop - 101 clever gift ideas.

101 Meaningful REWARDS Your Employees Will Love

We’ve received some emails from customers who are loving the new Rewards feature but a bit unsure of what to fill the webshop with. So, we’ve added some of our own ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing.

Here are 101 ideas at a variety of price ranges that you can use when filling up your SalesScreen Rewards shop.

Remember, money is always the easy answer but research shows that a well thought-out gift from a friend or coworker is worth MUCH more than its actual monetary value. Show your people that you care about them, that you are interested in their passions and that you care enough to choose thoughtful gifts. Tons of companies out there can throw money around… if you want to set yourself apart, do it by showing that you care.

$ Inexpensive gift ideas

  1. Bottle of wine
  2. Box of chocolates
  3. Cinema tickets for 2
  4. Wine aerator
  5. $25-50 gift certificate
  6. Wall art for home
  7. Headlamp
  8. New book
  9. Premium coffee
  10. Golf balls or tennis balls
  11. Moleskine notebook
  12. Google Chromecast
  13. Yoga mat
  14. College shirt or hoodie
  15. Baseball cap
  16. Facial care products
  17. Moscow Mule mugs
  18. Growler full of favorite beer
  19. Camping hatchet
  20. Portable survival kit (like the SOL Origin) 101 Meaningful REWARDS Your Employees Will Love

$$ Moderate gifts

  1. Sports tickets
  2. Sonos speaker system
  3. Gift certificate for dinner for two
  4. Bottle of whisky
  5. Video game
  6. Hammock
  7. Year subscription to Audible or Spotify
  8. Performance clothing for sports
  9. Cigar humidor (small)
  10. Engraved cuff links
  11. Travel hygiene kit
  12. Personalized flask
  13. Tool set
  14. Cologne or perfume
  15. Climbing lessons
  16. Board game set
  17. Steak thermometer
  18. Personalized scotch glass set
  19. Lazer tag
  20. Steel photo frame 101 Meaningful REWARDS Your Employees Will Love

$$$ Mid-range gifts

  1. Tickets to a theme park
  2. Entrance into a wine of the month club
  3. Nice pair of sunglasses
  4. Support a charity of choice
  5. Catered lunch for a week/month
  6. Apple TV or AirPods
  7. Gym membership or trainer
  8. Paid vacation day(s)
  9. Pair of new shoes
  10. Sports equipment
  11. Autographed sports memorabilia from favorite player
  12. Power tool
  13. Spa day for 2
  14. Leather messenger bag
  15. GoPro Hero
  16. Skydiving lesson
  17. Foosball table
  18. Paintball for 4
  19. Whitewater rafting
  20. Ergonomic desk chair 101 Meaningful REWARDS Your Employees Will Love

$$$$ High-end gifts

  1. Gore-tex or down insulated jacket
  2. DSLR camera
  3. Game console
  4. Evening at a fancy hotel
  5. New golf club
  6. Fancy watch
  7. Drone helicopter with HD camera
  8. Wearables - Garmin or Apple watch
  9. Hot air balloon ride for 2
  10. All climate goose down sleeping bag
  11. Commuter bicycle
  12. Lunch with CEO
  13. Race a Ferrari on a track
  14. New phone
  15. Flight lessons
  16. SCUBA certification
  17. Fancy kitchen knife set
  18. Pair of Nordic skis and/or boots
  19. New luggage set
  20. Dyson cordless vacuum 101 Meaningful REWARDS Your Employees Will Love

$$$$$ Top-tier gifts

  1. Tailored suit
  2. Designer dress or bag
  3. Ski weekend
  4. Paradise resort weekend for 2
  5. Vegas!
  6. Flat screen TV
  7. Macbook Pro
  8. Alpine skis + boots
  9. Snowboard + boots
  10. Fight a Grizzly bear!
  11. Kayak + oars + lifevest
  12. Peloton bike
  13. Espresso machine
  14. Buddy scooter
  15. Weber grill
  16. Soak wood-fired hot tub
  17. Cloud couch
  18. Infrared sauna
  19. Weekend wellness retreat
  20. NYC weekend + tickets to a Broadway show
  21. Custom Fender guitar 101 Meaningful REWARDS Your Employees Will Love

Suggestions for coming up with your own Rewards ideas:

  • Find out what interests your team members. Get to know them, learn what drives them.
  • What do they do in their free time?
  • What would make their life easier?
  • What would they appreciate?
  • What’s on their Christmas list?
  • What do they want to buy for someone else (regifting is ok!)?
  • What do they wish they had/could do but don’t want to spend the money on it themselves?

Some common categories when brainstorming gifts

  • Hiking and camping
  • Gaming
  • Hygiene and beauty
  • Home accessories
  • Gift cards - literally anything
  • Sports - biking, soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, skiing, swimming, etc.
  • Food experiences - from simple to fancy, we all love food!
  • Festivals - music, food, boats, outdoors, wine, and so many more.
  • Professional development - courses, seminars, training, certifications.
  • Books - business, health, fiction, development, history, …
  • Electronics - music, games, kitchen appliances, TV, wearables, gadgets, photography, etc.
  • Time off
  • Cash

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