4 Types of Businesses That Can Benefit From Sales Leaderboards

Sales leaderboards are becoming increasingly popular in the modern workplace as a tool to incentivize and engage employees. Here are 4 types of businesses that can benefit…


Marketing - October 16, 2018

Sales leaderboards are becoming increasingly popular in the modern workplace as a tool to incentivize and engage employees. By combining real-time recognition and gamification aspects, leaderboards provide a dynamic performance motivation system that can be advantageous to a variety of different businesses across different industries.

Below are 4 businesses that can benefit from sales leaderboards.

1. Retail stores

Retail may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of sales leaderboards. However, they are a great way to visualize real-time data which can be helpful when considering conversion rates. For example, knowing which items are being brought into fitting rooms and subsequently sold can help retail employees to improve their sales. Additionally, retail workers are often disengaged and leaderboards can help them to feel more empowered and to instill a sense of competition and fun on the sales floor.

2. Car Dealerships

Sales leaderboards can be useful to car dealerships by providing real-time data and providing recognition. Employees will appreciate the instant feedback and positive reinforcement when performing well, which will in turn lead to increased sales. Note that leaderboards should not only track sales in dollar amount – consider tracking other metrics that encourage good habits and allow not only the top sellers to succeed and receive recognition. For example, introduce a prize for the best review of the week or for selling a specific car.

3. Call Centers

Call centers are an obvious choice for leaderboards since they generally have a competitive environment and place emphasis on quantity and sales. Leaderboards can ensure that the right metrics are being tracked and that the desired behaviors are being encouraged. They also introduce a sense of fun and healthy competition, rather than the outdated “ring the bell” concept. It could also be beneficial to create teams that compete via sales leaderboard, in order to encourage collaboration in a traditionally individualistic industry.

4. Banks

Most banks have multiple branches that are spread out across different regions. Sales leaderboards are an excellent way to show company data throughout different locations and to inspire healthy competition and improved performance. They are also helpful in making sure that everyone is on the same page and is aware of all the ongoing activities within their branch and the company as a whole.

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