9 Work GIFs Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

I spend most days writing about sales management, productivity, engagement, numbers and so on…


CMO - March 7, 2017

...but today, I want to try an experiment and see which really gets more views. Enjoy!

When you pretend to love your job, but you know it’s a lie and you’re slowly dying on the inside.

When you’ve had it with crappy technology and getting no help from IT.

When the boss is coming and you just want to hide.

When it’s only 10AM on Monday and you feel like you’ve already been at work for a week.

When you feel like you’re just not well-suited for work.

When you just wanna get weird in the office and chill.

When you get busted doing nothing at all.

Leaving the office after a hard day of adulting gotcha like…

When it’s Friday and time to GTFO.


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