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Announcing: Updated Sales Competitions

Boosting activity with sales contests

The biggest advantage of sales contests is that they drive desired behavior on a specific target in an action-oriented and measurable way. Sales contests have been around for about as long as sales itself due to the ability to focus impact on results.

Sales contests are generally low cost and high return. You don’t have to have huge prizes in order to motivate your salespeople; they simply enjoy the thrill of the chase and the recognition from performing. Individual competitions are a great way to drive behavior on a desired goal and team competitions are a great way to boost collaboration, coaching and team spirit. The benefits of sales competitions are clear, but yet few companies run them often enough. To learn more about setting up great sales contests, check out our blog “7 Tips to Create a Great Sales Contest”.

This is why SalesScreen is devoted to making the most interactive and engaging sales contests possible with the largest variety of themes and layouts anywhere on the market. One of the biggest requests from our customer over the past two years has been for ways to implement sales contests on a wide variety of targets. They also shared with us how they felt our competition module could be better, easier and more powerful… and we listened!!!

To this end, we are very proud to announce a brand new re-launch of our sales competitions modules. Over the past few months, our product team has been working around the clock to re-imagine and re-build our Competition module from the ground up to be more visual, more powerful yet simple to use. Now, we’d like to give you an inside look at what’s in store.

Announcing our new sales competition module

New sales competition types

We now support 10 different competition types to make virtually any competition idea you may have feasible on SalesScreen. All competitions can be set to any report type (sales, offers, meetings, activities, etc.) and can also be set on any particular products or on all products together that the company sells. To view more detailed information about each sales competition type, click here.

o Quota: Participants compete on reaching the highest percentage completion of their assigned quota.

o Custom goals: Participants compete on reaching a custom goal that is set just for that competition.

o Free for all: Participants do not have a specific goal to reach other than being the best. Rather than focusing on a goal, everyone focuses on doing their personal best.

o Gift swap: When a report is added, the participant will get to open, swap, or steal a gift. Managers simply upload images and details of the different prizes available.

o Points: Participants will compete on either earning the most points or reaching a custom point goal. This is useful for when you want to engage people on common goals that do not have a specific value.

o Best average: Participants compete on achieving the highest average value per report over the total duration of the competition.

o Best average per user: Participants (teams or companies) compete on achieving the highest average value per user score within that team.

o Time matters: When a report is added, the participants clock starts running until another contender adds a report. Participants compete on seeing who can have the longest accumulated amount of time when the competition ends.

o Average product progression: Participants compete on reaching the highest total percentage completion on their various product quotas.

o Highest report: Participants will compete on achieving the highest possible single report.

New sales competition layouts

Get access to 13 beautifully designed layouts so sales competitions will never get boring.

Trophy Competition - SalesScreen from Dogu on Vimeo.

o Car race — Race your way to the finish and move up through a variety of different vehicles including muscle cars, Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

o Horse race — The classic. Race your way to the finish in style!

o Boat race — Colorful sailboats compete to sail across the sea to the finish.

o Ski race — As a Norwegian company, we love skiing and daydream about it at work. Now, we can ski while we work.

o Fishing — Work your way up from the survival raft to the yacht as you haul in your catch! Don’t get stranded at sea!

o Tour de France — Themed after the famous biking competition, this one gets you on the road in style as you work to unlock different jerseys, just like in the real race.

o Build a cabin — Another tribute to our Norwegian roots. Build a log cabin and watch as it comes together. Continue past 100% of your goal to unlock crazy additions like a hut tub, satellite dish, trucks and more.

o Skyscraper — Plain and simple with a city theme. Who can build the tallest tower?

o Pirate — Ahoy mateys! There’s some treasure buried in the sand. Complete your tasks to unlock the treasure chests, filled with whatever rewards your manager decides.

o Christmas — Hohoho! He’s been making a list, checking it twice. Time to see if you’ve been naughty or nice.

o Halloween — Fill your quotas to open up pumpkins full of treats… or tricks.

o Bar — Who doesn’t want to enjoy a tasty cold beer at work? Have yourself a seat and fill the glass until someone else records an activity. Winner based on total time accumulation.

o Trophy — Similar to the bar theme, but more office appropriate. Battle for your chance to win the trophy!

New ways to setup and view your competitions

o Running a new sales competition is as simple as 1–2–3. Our brand new setup wizard makes it drop dead simple to start a new competition. For a peek at just how easy it is, check out this video:

SalesScreen Competition Setup from Dogu on Vimeo.

o Before, you could only view live competitions on TV screens, but with our new update, you can now view competitions directly from your user dashboard on your browser.

o Our new statistics feature is really great for those who want to see the payoff in terms of productivity that their sales competitions are producing. You can now view daily or weekly progress tracking of activity in order to view exactly what effect the competitions are having within your sales teams. You can watch the best performer today, yesterday, or for any period of time and see how you are stacking up against the average performance each day and much more.

So, what does this all mean for our customers?

Perhaps the most relevant feature for our customers is that we can now create new layouts and competition types in just a fraction of the time that it took us before. This means many new sales competitions will be coming your way in the near future. In addition, the sales competitions now have more flexibility and options than ever before.

At SalesScreen, we understand the value and power of real-time saes competitions and we promise to strive to become the global leader in providing fun, entertaining, metrics-focused sales competitions that will keep your teams surpassing their goals.

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