Avoid a Scary Start to Q4 With Our Halloween Sales Contest

Hey, managers and sales reps; hitting your targets doesn’t need to be the scariest part of Halloween.

Avoid a Scary Start to Q4 With Our Halloween Sales Contest

As you enter the final fiscal stretch of the year, hitting sales targets is more front of mind than ever. But along with Q4 comes several holidays and time-off, allowing for less opportunity to meet end-of-year goals and produce high-quality work. Sales competitions are an effective way to give that extra motivation boost during this busy time of year and encourage your sales reps to crush their targets early on in the quarter.

To kick it off, try out our “Trick or Treat” sales contest. Here’s some tips to get started.


Sales can often become monotonous, so sometimes anything remotely different or exciting can go a long way to improve morale and motivation. Changing up contest templates, prizes, etc. is a simple strategy to breathe new life into the office and spike the interest of disengaged reps. For instance, try a sports-related theme such as March Madness or Fantasy Football–or in this case a holiday-themed contest in honor of Halloween.


Initial Setup

In order to create your Halloween sales contest, go to competitions >> create new and select “Gift Swap” for the type. You will then be asked to choose a layout where you can select “Halloween” as your desired template. From here you can customize the competition to your liking (participants, settings, prizes, etc.)

Avoid a Scary Start to Q4 With Our Halloween Sales Contest

How Does Gift Swap Work?

Admins can determine gifts for the users to randomly open when they complete qualifying activities. For instance, if the admin chooses that each sale or each offer sent qualifies to open a gift, then once the sales rep completes that activity, the will have the opportunity to select a gift (in this case, represented by pumpkins). Before a gift is opened, it is marked with a question mark. After a gift is opened, the prize will be shown, along with the user who owns that prize.

Avoid a Scary Start to Q4 With Our Halloween Sales Contest

To make things even more interesting, it is possible to steal/swap gifts up until the competition ends. If it is your turn to open a new gift, but you prefer to try and steal someone else’s instead, you may select their gift instead of opening a new gift. However, you are not guaranteed to succeed at this and managers can choose the percentage chance of a successful steal/swap from 1–100%. The higher the percentage, the higher the likelihood of a successful steal/swap. When the time runs out on this competition, the prizes are then locked and should be awarded to the winners.

Running the Competition

We recommend that admins set up and begin running this competition at the beginning of October, and allow it to run throughout the month. Or, if you prefer, run weekly contests awarding prizes each week until the end of the month to make things more interesting. Some prizes are great to reward on October 31, but perhaps some of the other ideas below should be awarded before Halloween. Remember that you can also retroactively register sales from October 1.

Prize Ideas

  1. 6-pack of seasonal craft beer
  2. Homemade caramel apples
  3. Starbucks gift card
  4. HBO subscription
  5. Nintendo Switch
  6. Movie theater tickets

For more employee rewards ideas, check out our 101 Meaningful Employee Rewards PDF

We want to hear your from you! Do you have thoughts on running sales contests? Send them our way to marketing@salesscreen.com

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