C2 Recap - Lessons and Highlights from Our Conference on Company Culture

Last week, we held a conference in Oslo focusing on how to create stronger company culture and high-performing teams. Here's what we learned…


CMO - May 28, 2018

Earlier this year, we decided to take our commitment to building stronger teams one step further by holding a conference with speakers from leading companies throughout Norther Europe.

We wanted to bring people together, learn from the best and inspire our customers, partners and prospects to take a deeper look at what it takes to build strong teams. We did some things very well and also had some learning lessons.

For highlights video, click HERE!


  • We hosted a conference for over 125 registered attendees who had heard about the event via social media (33%), customer support/sales reps (28%), friends (22%), or our website (17%).
  • We brought in speakers from across Europe who each held 30 minute presentations on a variety of topics from hiring and onboarding to customer success, leadership, building core values and understanding millennials.
  • We launched 'SalesScreen Rewards' an innovative new webshop within SalesScreen that allows managers to reward coins for the completions of tasks, which the users can then use to unlock prizes that matter to them.
  • 89% said the conference met or exceeded expectations.
  • The conference itself and the speakers averaged 4 stars out of 5.
  • We strengthened partnerships, entertained new prospects and had the opportunity to show our human side to customers. As a SaaS platform, it was nice to show that we truly do care about what we promote in marketing and sales materials and that we live our values.
  • People were very happy and we got tons of great photo, video and feedback from the event.

Lessons learned:

  • We marketed the event in English, but most speakers presented in Norwegian or Swedish. This was obviously a mistake on our part as some of the audience only understood English.
  • Some customers or partners wanted more of a focus on our product and how other companies are using it for maximum effect. This is good to know as it allows us to hold a follow-up event specifically focused on SalesScreen best practices.
  • Conducting a survey in advance of specifically which topics or themes are most interesting could be helpful in planning future events.
  • Co-hosting a future event could be beneficial to partners and users who either have connected systems or who would like to learn more about possible integrations.


All-in-all, the event was a major success and a lot of fun. We created lots of material in the form of blogs, podcasts, event promotions, and other content that supported the theme of the event. Simultaneously launching an eBook would have been a smart move. In the future, we'll also be sure to clarify which language the speakers will be presenting in.

We're very thankful for everyone who attended or shared the event and excited to see that so many people are interested in building stronger organizational culture.


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