Choose the Right KPIs: Define Targets to Optimize Sales and Drive Success

Webinar Series - Ep 01

Remi Morken

Senior VP Sales EMEA & APAC - February 13, 2020


Learn how to create the most effective KPIs for your B2B sales teams, as well as some best practices.

Tracking the right KPIs is hugely beneficial for organisational growth. Consider what KPIs really matter to your organisation and what behavior you want to encourage from your employees. What do you want to achieve? Sales is an obvious choice, but managers should also track other activities that have the potential to generate sales such as qualifying leads or setting a meeting. This will start to create a pattern of good behavior while the overall goal is still the same.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to define your base KPIs
  • Secondary KPIs that define employee success
  • How to use gamification to increase employee engagement, productivity and performance


  • Remi Morken, VP of Sales
  • Ole Jacob Christoffersen, Customer Success Specialist


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