Work Smarter Not Harder With the Integration

Ensure that your sales team is meeting with the right people and hitting the right themes.

Work Smarter Not Harder With the Integration

The key to the success of any sales team is the quality of its interactions with prospects and clients. But as a sales leader, it’s practically impossible to quality control every single sales team call. But help is at hand...

SalesScreen is excited to announce our integration with
Chorus ensures that your sales team is meeting with the right people, hitting key topics and themes, addressing client pain points, and giving sales managers transparency into direct client feedback.

Chorus also proactively surfaces deal and coaching recommendations so that you know where your team excels and where they could use some more support.
This integration combines the quality control of Chorus with the power of SalesScreen’s gamification offering to help incentivize your teams to record all their calls while also rewarding reps for executing high-quality calls.

Here at SalesScreen, we are strong believers in coaching(in fact, we have a whole module dedicated to it!) and the success it brings to sales teams. And having a tool that focuses on higher-quality engagements means that your teams are working smarter, not harder, which is what we’re all about!

When we launched our Coaching module we discussed two main factors for driving more revenue.

A.) You can either get your people to do more activities


B.) You can coach them to be better

This new Chorus integration will allow us to track meetings held and also to pull information on the quality of those meetings. This means rewarding reps for how well they are performing rather than just for the fact that they are performing.

Here are a few more benefits of our Chorus integration (if you weren’t already convinced!):

If it’s not recorded, it won’t be rewarded!
Driving adoption of the Chorus platform is important. But most people don't like to be recorded. And while SalesScreen can’t promise to change that, we can at least give employees an incentive to record their calls by rewarding those reps who do. Plus it can help with praising reps that are running high-quality meetings, which is good for them and for you!

Thread the needle.
In sales, multi-threading is important for increasing the likelihood of closing the deal. With this integration, you will be able to track the number of participants in the meeting. If you want to filter on specific roles and reward more points to meetings completed where you had c-levels in the meeting, you now can.

Show your support. For many companies, executive alignment is key to closing deals. With this integration, you will be able to track how many people from your company joined a specific call.

Track. Optimize. Repeat. In Chorus, you can set up Trackers that monitor topics and discussions happening in a meeting that then surface in SalesScreen. Examples of this include Next steps, Pricing Discussion, MEDDICC points, etc.

Single source of truth. You can streamline data from multiple sources into SalesScreen, letting our platform offer a one-stop solution and your single source of truth.

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