Company Values: More Than Words on a Wall

Almost every company has a set of values, but very few truly live them and build culture around them. In this blog, we look at how to choose, define, and live your values as an organization.

Company Values: More Than Words on a Wall

How can your company ensure that core values are more than just words on a wall? What does it take to build teams that share the same vision and strive for the same goals? Why is unity so important to building strong culture?

We sat down with Luce Katrine Sunde-Eidem to learn how companies like EiendomsMegler 1 successfully create and unity, vision and identity around core values.

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Creating values

Involve all of the employees in defining your values and they will feel more connected to them. People want a framework for the organization just the same as they want sales goals, targets or KPIs.

Align your values with your mission and you will achieve success.

When people are driven by a shared common goal that is tied to some purpose that they can relate to, they will be much more effective in how they approach and complete tasks.

Be aware of how you live your values. Rather than just being words or goals, they should be a part of your identity.

In order for words to have meaning, you need to clearly define them from your own perspective. Before you go and plaster your “core values” all over the hallways and boardroom you need to determine what you want them to mean to you and to your employees. More importantly, you need to live them. Company Values: More Than Words on a Wall

Create an annual Culture Audit

This annual recap can be a great way to show how the organization has approached building a strong organizational culture and can help analyze where the biggest successes and failures come from.

Just the same as companies are doing annual revenue reports and reviews, you also should focus on the lifeblood of the company — the happiness of your people, the level of involvement, which initiatives have been undertaken to boost morale and engagement, and so on.

There should be continuous development in your culture, just as you strive for continuous development in your employees and revenue gains.

Aligning people with organizational goals

Motivating your employees to achieve clearly defined goals is important. Be sure to show your appreciation when people hit their targets and offer mentorship and professional development regardless of whether they are succeeding or failing.

Strong support gives safety and helps people to share their competence with each other. Providing good healthy food, sufficient rest and manageable workloads are also responsibilities of management. If you want people to deliver their highest quality of work, help them achieve the highest possible quality of wellness. Company Values: More Than Words on a Wall

The importance of leadership in building culture

If you choose and promote the right leaders, you can significantly improve the morale of your teams. On the flip side, if you promote the wrong managers, you can badly hurt the morale of the organization.

There are so many different views on leadership… but at the end of the day, good leaders are great role models who can rally people around a vision and help them grow.

It requires a lot of hard work, patience, and vision to unite employees and management in a way that inspires employees to want to live the values of the organization. But, if you can build it and if you can rally people around it, incredible success will follow.

Join us on May 24 in Oslo as Peder discusses trust and client advocacy at C2, our conference on company culture. Tickets are FREE, but quickly running out.

Company Values: More Than Words on a Wall On May 24 at MESH in Oslo, Lucie Katrine Sund-Eidem, from EiendomsMegler 1, will talk about sincerity, loyalty and initiative. She will explain why these are the core values for EiendomMegler 1 and how the company strives to get each employee to buy in to these values. She’ll also discuss the company’s biggest goal and how they get people to strive for and believe in it. Don’t miss it!

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