Dogu 6 Year Anniversary

Yesterday, Dogu turned 6 years old. There’s a lot to celebrate. Here’s a quick recap.


Head of Marketing - August 17, 2017

We’ve officially gone from Startup to successful small business. Not only did we survive beyond the 5-year mark that makes or breaks most companies… we did it bootstrapped, without needing outside investment. Now that’s a heck of an impressive feat!

It wasn’t always easy, but we’ve found that people and culture are the backbone of any organization. Luckily, we’ve hired well and have not lost a single employee in the last 3 years. Not bad for a company with 18 employees (plus another 8 more partners on our team).

“People and culture are the backbone of any organization.”


This year has been full of incredible milestones to add to our already impressive timeline (pssst click link to view our timeline… we’re really proud of it). Amongst other things, we:

  • Were featured in Adressa as one of Trondheim’s fastest growing companies.
  • Hired 3 new kick-ass employees (Tapi, Kathrine and Caroline).
  • Launched SalesScreen Europe.
  • Had an amazing teamwork week in Barcelona.

Looking forward

As we move towards the close of the year, we are on target to reach our goal of NOK 20Million but our sights are already set far ahead of that towards the NOK 100M benchmark.

With this amazing group of people, this fantastic product and this much energy, we know it’s only the beginning.

As always, we want to thank all of you: our friends, family and loyal customers who continue to make the dream a reality.

“Never stop at “good enough” when you can be GREAT!”

Dogu 6 Year Anniversary


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