Dogu opens an office in Oslo!

CEO Sindre Halland announces the launch of Dogu’s Oslo office


CEO - August 4, 2014

The stage is set for yet another milestone in Dogu’s history. On Monday August 4th 2014 at 11:00, we are officially opening our new office in Oslo. After a few months of visits and evaluations, we finally settled for Sandakerveien 138 i Nydalen.

As time passed, it became very clear to us that our products should not have any geographical limitations. The customer base in Oslo is constantly growing and we have been travelling there very often to meet our customers. On a board meeting that occurred on Wednesday March 19th 2014, the opening an office in Oslo was approved and put in motion.

The goal was mainly to deliver a faster and better service to our growing customer base in the region. The board of directors agreed on the necessity of a presence in Oslo in order to reach our goal in terms of further growth. The Oslo region is without a doubt both our and Norway’s largest market.

The perspective of a new office was very well received by the Dogu team and it is not unrealistic to see several developers relocating to Oslo within the next few months. On the short term, Remi Morken will the one be moving and managing the Oslo office. The rest of the team will get the opportunity to work from Oslo for smaller periods of time, starting with Sondre Basma who will be based there for three weeks in August.

With both the office space and a large market waiting for our products and services, we also look forward to welcome new employees in our Oslo office down the road.

Remi Morken sees this new office as an exciting opportunity:

“Since the launch of SalesScreen in March, I have been travelling a lot back and forth to visit both existing and potential customers in the Oslo region. Hopefully my schedule will be as busy in Oslo as it used to be but it will be great to have an office to work from. Within the next few weeks, we will hire a couple of new sellers to help me handle a growing demand. I look very much forward to kick off the Oslo office!”

We cannot wait to build a closer bond with our existing customers in the region and invite all our friends and potential new customers to come have a chat with us around a cup of coffee.


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