What Can the European Super League Debacle Teach Us About Running Sales Competitions?

The motivational value of competitive fairness.

What Can the European Super League Debacle Teach Us About Running Sales Competitions?

Nothing ignites excitement, passion, and competition like a knockout sporting event. Whether you’re talking about the Champions League or Euro 2021, everyone loves watching a winner-takes-all tournament bring out the best in its competitors.

But sporting tournaments have to be fair and they have to be based on merit. Which brings us to the recent breakaway European Super League...

On the 18th April, twelve of Europe's elite football clubs attempted to form a breakaway tournament with automatic entry for these founding clubs and no promotion or relegation for the teams based on performance. This move sparked a huge backlash throughout the football community, including with fans of the teams involved!

In the world of sales—as in the world of sports—healthy competition and prizes being awarded on performance helps to drive forward the entire industry. And we see the same result when looking at in-team sales competitions. Keeping middle performers as motivated and engaged as top sellers will see everyone performing at the top of their game.

But how do you keep that sense of competition when everyone is working from home?

SalesScreen’s Bracket Competitions feature brings the same dynamic elimination tournament to the virtual sales floor, helping to motivate and boost sales team performance.

We’ve tapped into the energy and camaraderie generated by games like in-office Fantasy Sports tournaments, but for sales teams who are WFH. Bracket Competitions combine that friendly competitiveness with real-world sales-boosting motivation.

Here’s our step-by-step Bracket Competition guide:

  1. First, create your very own Bracket Competition.
  2. You can start with qualifying rounds to see who your sales stars are.
  3. Next, move up into the elimination phase.
  4. This phase consists of a series of head-to-head battles.
  5. The winner of each battle moves on to the next round.
  6. When a competitor is knocked out, they are eliminated.
  7. Prizes can be awarded in a range of ways(from winner-takes-all to runner-up rewards).

Want to find out more? Fill out the demo request at the bottom of this page to see how SalesScreen’s Bracket Competitions can be a big win for your sales teams.

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