Ever Wonder Why Your Business Struggles to Measure Performance Effectively?

Not all organizations are created equally. Those who measure performance on key metrics most effectively usually work their way to the top. Here are 4 tips to help you do the same.

Ever Wonder Why Your Business Struggles to Measure Performance Effectively?

Some businesses perform much better on their targets than others. Usually, this is a result of their ability to track data on the right metrics and use this to guide gradual improvements in their marketing and sales approach. Here, we look at 4 common problems and their solutions.

Not getting information in a timely manner

Solution: Real-time data, instant feedback

Businesses that want to succeed in this world of instant gratification need to ensure that their data management is up-to-date. Real-time data is a key feature of sales motivation software that allows managers and employees to make data-driven decisions right away, resulting in surpassed targets. Instant feedback allows people to celebrate their good performance–as well as course-correct their not-so-good performance.

Real-time data allows managers to fix any problems immediately and keep up with the fast-paced business environment. It also enables you to identify trends and take action based on those trends. Additionally, it provides sales reps the ability to easily set and track goals on a daily basis. This leads to better overall performance, as people tend to work better when they can visibly see their results in front of them.

Little awareness over organizational performance

Solution: Transparency, all relevant information is available

A lack of transparency is a recurring problem for many businesses, especially in regard to data and performance management. If people don’t have a clear idea of how they are performing–individually, as a team and as a company as a whole–it will be exceedingly difficult to adjust behavior to yield better results.

Having transparency about everyone’s performance also levels the playing field and gives people the opportunity to acknowledge others for their achievements.

Reporting is tedious and boring

Solution: Data entry is automatic, easy and fun

Manual data entry is notoriously dull, time-consuming and often inaccurate. Thus, it makes effective performance measurement that much more difficult.

Real-time data and integrations eliminate the need for manual data entry, saving valuable time and ensuring more accurate reporting. With SalesScreen, on-screen events are triggered upon completion of key tasks, providing a fun incentive for employees to hit their targets. Data entry is boring no more and measuring performance results is suddenly simpler and more precise.

Results are difficult to understand

Solution: Data is clear, visual and easy to interpret

A common problem for business managers (and employees) is encountering data that is unclear and difficult to decipher. But recognizing the WHY behind your data is essential for growth and success and provides a blueprint for future business strategies.

SalesScreen dashboards offer a holistic and detailed view of company data, that is presented in a bright, colorful and easy-to-interpret way. There are a variety of customizable widgets and layouts to choose from, depending on your company needs. So, measuring, comparing and analyzing performance results becomes a breeze.

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