Gamification 9 steps to success

Webinar Series - Ep 03

Remi Morken

Senior VP Sales EMEA & APAC - March 12, 2020


There is more to Sales Gamification than ranks and badges. SalesScreen welcomes you to our webinar series to learn more about gamification and how to successfully implement it in your organisation.

In our previous webinars, we discussed how to choose the right KPIs and how to define targets to optimize sales and drive success. Now we want to go more in-depth about gamification and how you can use it to drive sales and motivate reps.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is gamification and why does it work?
  • How to adapt and make gamification relevant for all of your “players”?
  • The 9 steps to successfully implementing gamification in your organisation


  • Remi Morken, VP of Sales
  • Ole Jacob Christoffersen, Customer Success Specialist


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