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Gamification — Changing the Way Sales is Done

Sales has always been a competitive industry and fueled by demand. Thanks to the rise of new data-driven systems, customers have more choice in products than ever before. Customers are also more informed than ever before. This means that talented and motivated salespeople with the right tools will have a major advantage over slower moving, less motivated salespeople.

These days, closing sales is all about the customer experience journey. Sometimes the difference in closing a sale or not is only a few minutes, or the tone of fatigue in a salesperson’s voice. Sales is a very personal industry and if your sales teams are not motivated to surpass their goals, they will very likely lose that sale to another, more engaged team. This is why gamification is becoming recognized as a necessary tool to keep reps motivated, engaged and focused on the customer.

By making sales more fun and engaging and by helping your teams to visualize and understand the data that matters most, gamification puts the power back in your hands to ensure the best customer experience possible. As a result, you will lose fewer prospects from your sales pipeline.

Why use gamification for sales?

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The sales industry has demonstrated a constant positive demand for new solutions that can engage and motivate salespeople, thus increasing sales performance and revenue. This is because every sales organization faces three of the same primary challenges:

  • How to quickly visualize and understand their sales data
  • How to keep their sales reps motivated and engaged
  • How to drive performance and surpass goals regardless of location

In addition, by 2020 it is expected that 50% of sales teams will be millennials who desire more teamwork, challenges, feedback, and fun rewards in daily work life. Unlike previous generations, millennials are not primarily motivated by compensation alone. They want a truly rewarding work experience that stimulates, challenges, and gives them room to learn and grow.

What problems does it solve for organizations?

Gamification addresses the above challenges by making sales more rewarding, engaging, personal, and fun. It visualizes sales data in real-time, provides customizable tools for motivating teams and can be taken anywhere in a mobile app. By stimulating employees and making sales more fun, we effectively increase the motivation of your sales reps to go out and sell more.

Whether as a result of friendly competitiveness or the desire to unlock the next award, SalesScreen makes everyday sales routines more interesting and breathes new life into your sales force. It can also be integrated with a wide variety of different CRM systems, which gives users more incentive to adopt and use their company’s new CRM systems.

Our users have reported sales increases of up to 300% within just the first year of using SalesScreen. Although a 300% increase is at the extreme end of the spectrum, the majority of our customers tell us that SalesScreen covers its own cost within the first 1–2 months. We think that’s a pretty incredible testament to the power of our product and the ROI it can provide.

What is SalesScreen?

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SalesScreen is a sales gamification platform designed to help salespeople surpass their goals by replacing the old and outdated sales bell and blackboard with a highly customizable SaaS platform. It is displayed on web, TV, and mobile app and is packed with unique features to boost sales performance.

Our software was developed around the core belief that sales reps who are more engaged in their daily sales activities and who are motivated to surpass their goals will have a lower turnover rate while increasing revenue and profits for their organizations.

What differentiates SalesScreen from other sales motivation software?

Because gamification is such a rapidly growing trend, there are several other companies who are also creating software platforms to visualize data and motivate sales teams. There are, however, several key features which set us above the rest.

First, our platform can integrate with over 60 different CRM’s, not just Salesforce. We support integrations through ConnectMyApps and Zapier, as well as manual integrations through our API. Additionally, we think that our user interface and overall platform is much more fun and enjoyable than those of our competitors. We spend a lot of time creating highly engaging competitions, animated celebrations and incredible awards. The end-result is something that we are truly proud of.

Finally, our users can customize practically every feature of the software to fit their specific needs. Whether it’s setting customized teams for competitions, setting goals around specific performance metrics, choosing what milestones they want to celebrate on their TV’s, or choosing which KPIs to display and how to display that data, our customers can control it all. Basically, we put all of the power in the sales leaders’ hands to set and customize the system as they see fit to motivate their teams.


Gamification is here to stay and it will become an increasingly common driver of sales performance. As data-driven systems and game mechanics both improve, gamification will become an unstoppable motivational tool within sales.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Sign up for a free demo and check it out for yourself. No credit card required and no risk. If you like it, let us know and we’ll help set up your account. What have you got to lose?

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