Gamification Part 1: Sales Competitions

Webinar Series - Ep 04

Remi Morken

Senior VP Sales EMEA & APAC - April 16, 2020


Learn more about why you should run sales competitions, how to get the best results and some brilliant ideas for competing working remotely (WFH).

In our previous webinars, we discussed how to choose the right KPIs, how to define targets to optimize sales and drive success and how to successfully implement gamification in your organisation. Now we are going to take a deep-dive into one aspect of gamification—sales competitions.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you should run sales competitions (and how to set them up to ensure success)
  • Overall analysis of 6000 competitions completed in 2019
  • Which KPIs to compete on to get the best results?
  • How long should your competitions last to get max outcome?
  • Which competition type drives optimal performance?
  • A deep-dive into what the best companies in different industries are doing
  • Remote work / Work from home competition suggestions


  • Remi Morken, VP of Sales
  • Ole Jacob Christoffersen, Customer Success Specialist


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