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Give the Gift of Sales Motivation

The holidays are the busiest time of the year for many sales teams and as a result, managers end up fighting to keep their employees from facing burnout and frustration. We're here to help by providing a solution that makes sales more fun, engaging, and rewarding.

1) Drive Performance

Let's talk about the gift that keeps on giving… motivation. Motivation is difficult to define and varies from person to person. However, one thing that remains constant is that to be motivated, you need to have a goal and you need to understand your progress towards that goal.

When sales managers set targets, they need a way to visualize progress in real-time and to create feedback loops that lead towards incremental increases towards those targets. SalesScreen makes it easy to drive performance on goals by making each activity fun, rewarding and meaningful.

Give the Gift of Sales Motivation

Example: Jason is the VP of Sales at a quickly growing tech company. His sales reps vary in age, experience and skill. Jason's goal is to increase the number of meetings booked in Q4.

So, he creates a real-time sales competition that shows progress in meetings booked for each month of the quarter.The winner each month receives a small prize, such as sports tickets or company apparel. Plus, there is a leaderboard that shows on TV screens throughout the sales offices in each of his 7 locations, allowing everyone to know exactly where they stand not just in their local office but across the entire company.

In addition, he creates a series of clever badges to award reps for the first 5/10/15/20 meetings booked and also for the number of calls they make. The last 4 badges unlocked are shown on slides up on TV screens throughout the offices and are also visible in each user's profile.

At the end of the quarter, Jason saw a 57% increase in meetings booked and a 36% increase in monthly recurring revenue. This is because Jason understood what was most important, developed key steps to achieve it and rewarded in a fun and meaningful way throughout the quarter.

2) Celebrate Together

While competitive in nature, sales is always a team sport. It involves sales, marketing, advertising, development, design, logistics, and just about every other section of your organization.

So, what better way to build team spirit than allowing everyone celebrate together when new deals are closed? Sales motivation software allows you to create specific awards, events and other features to celebrate what matters most in your organization.

Give the Gift of Sales Motivation

Example: Susan is the CEO of a major insurance company. She knows that all of her employees work hard to seal the deal but she wants to build better company culture and boost team spirit by helping everyone to celebrate together when big deals are closed. So, she creates celebration events along with personalized theme music to go off anytime someone reaches a certain sales milestone.

In addition, she sets up a prize bundle for whichever sales team can close the most deals in Q1. The bundle includes a team paintball trip and pizza party, plus gift certificates and the entire team's photos up on a leaderboard throughout the office.

As a result, sales-and-marketing alignment is drastically improved and there is a 17% increase in conversions from digital marketing. As a result of providing unique and meaningful recognition for accomplishment of key sales milestones, Susan's teams came closer together and also gained a deeper insight into how their roles affect each other.

3) Understand the Data

Sales reps who understand the effect that their performance has on overall goal accomplishment are more likely to put in the extra effort required to achieve their quotas. Being able to quickly see, understand and interpret sales data saves hours of guess work and manual entry. In addition, it allows

everyone from sales reps to managers and even up to the executive suite to quickly understand the overall picture in just a glance. Give the Gift of Sales Motivation Example: Marty is the company's CFO. He knows that having a solid grasp on the metrics that run the organization makes the difference between success or failure. Marty uses data visualization in quick and intuitive charts and graphs to explain sales numbers, KPIS and performance metrics to the entire Board of Advisors during quarterly review meetings.

Rather than sifting through tons of Excel spreadsheets, he has visual representations right there in front of him. Not only is the board impressed but his sales teams are also closing more deals as a result. In fact, Tim, who is one of the core performers, loves that he can quickly see what percentage of his monthly budget he has reached in a simple red-and-green pie chart. Likewise, Mary often compares her sales stats with the rest of the team to see who is leading in meetings, offers and sales.

The whole team is more effective and focused because the data is transparent and easy to understand, allowing everyone to see what they need to do to help the company surpass their quarterly goals.

4) Run Real-Time Sales Competitions

Sales competitions are the foundation of every successful sales leaders' toolkit. The problem, however, is that most competitions are time consuming and difficult to run. You need to come up with clever competition ideas, check the spreadsheets to get numbers several times a day, email everyone in the office so the know who's in the lead, update your CRM, mark notes on the white board, and eventually when someone does win, you need to give them proper recognition.

With sales motivation software, it's easy to run real-time competitions across a wide variety of different themes and templates. Simply select what you want to run the sales competition on (meetings, offers, sales, other activity), choose who will participate (selected individuals or custom teams) select how many winners, select when the competition ends (time or value), select a fun template to use (fishing, building, beer drinking, Christmas, biking, car race, etc…) and then click submit. Literally, the whole thing takes less than 10 seconds.

Give the Gift of Sales Motivation Example: Rohan is the sales leader of 3 real estate franchises located in Oslo, New York and Miami. He wants to build team spirit while simultaneously increasing friendly competition across his sales offices. For the last several years, he has been sending email updates and coordinating competitions on whiteboards via his sales leaders. However, this is time consuming and not very exciting.

So, Rohan implements a sales gamification platform in his offices, allowing all teams to participate in real-time competitions regardless of their location. He creates two weekly competitions: one for total sales revenue and another for meetings booked. He creates incentives that matter to his sales reps, ranging from gifts to money or paid time off and even vacation trips. Then, he uses the data that he gathers from the sales competitions to organize his reps into more effective teams, using his highest performers to help mentor and coach the bottom tier.

Within a month, he begins to notice significant performance increases across the board. The bottom tier is now greatly benefiting from mentorship and fun competitions, there is an increase in overall team spirit and even his best sales reps are working harder to close more deals.

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