How to Highlight All Types of Performers in Your Organization

Spotlight top, middle and bottom performers within your organization, in order to increase engagement and drive better results.

How to Highlight All Types of Performers in Your Organization

Measuring performance is an important aspect of any organization–it is useful for managers and employees to know how they are doing, in order to adjust behavior accordingly. If someone is consistently a star performer, they will likely strive to stay at the top and desire some recognition for their hard work. Lesser performers will have something to work towards and will likely give it some extra effort the next time around.

So, what are the most effective ways to measure performance and motivate your employees? Here are 3 of our favorites…

Digital sales leaderboards

Leaderboards are everywhere. You seem them daily in sports, games, education, business and nearly every other competitive aspect of life. Why is that? It’s because they’re fun, easy to interpret information from and they inspire higher performance. And digital sales leaderboards provide a more exciting, modern alternative to whiteboards in the workplace.

Sales leaderboards provide clear and tangible goals to work towards–in a visually stimulating manner that is easy to understand. They also instill a sense of urgency and healthy competition that will motivate your employees to reach for the top. People will also have a better understanding of their impact, in real-time. If they make the most sales in a given week, they will see that reflected on the leaderboard. In addition, there is more transparency amongst everyone because you can see not only your performance, but also your peers.

Levels and badges

Another great way to acknowledge performance is with unique badges and rank progression for the completion of key activities. SalesScreen allows you to create events–essentially, a celebration of when a milestone is reached or an important task is completed. You can create automatic and scheduled events, and you can customize what happens when an event is triggered.

For example, an employee adds a report with a value or quantity higher than a specific goal, and they receive a set amount of points. As employees increase in points, they work their way up the levels and receive various badges along the way. This is a fun way for people to compete against both themselves and their co-workers, and it provides an equal playing field where everyone has the chance to shine.

Screen celebrations

“Live updates on TV screens brought a whole new spirit to the office and helped Advisa build the type of culture that we had dreamt of: a culture where recognition was instant and inspired all members of the team to put forth their max effort.” – Jonatan Torberg, Chief Sales Officer at Advisa

In addition to points, you can also have pop-ups on TV screens throughout your office(s) that automatically appear when an event is triggered. Someone makes a big sale? Let everyone know!

Screen pop-ups are a brilliant way to bring attention to any and all achievements within your organization, and ensure that everyone has the possibility of recognition for their hard work. Top performers may be consistently making the biggest sales and completing the most tasks; however, middle and lesser performers are still being acknowledged when they improve, and they suddenly have more incentive to work harder and have tangible goals to strive towards.

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