How to Use Gamification to Bring Your Sales Teams Together

Cloud-based software, combined with gamification and data management, makes it easier and more fun than ever to bring your sales teams together from across the globe to celebrate the big wins! Learn how...

How to Use Gamification to Bring Your Sales Teams Together

How to Use Gamification to Bring Your Sales Teams Together

The Problem of Managing Separated Sales Teams

Having sales teams in different locations is often essential for growth in today’s global economy; however, this can also lead to a decrease in team cohesiveness. As your teams spread out and begin to autonomously cover different territories, you may notice that an “us versus them” mentality starts to take place between your sales regions. This is not the result of poor management, but rather it is the result of your sales reps’ natural competitive instincts kicking in.

Have you ever seen a sales rep stay late at the office, working feverishly to close a deal? Have you ever come in to work the next morning and found the same sales rep already hard at work preparing for his next big meeting? Good sales reps are some of the most driven and goal-oriented people you may ever meet. They are a different breed and most of their actions are fueled by a desire for recognition and competition.

Simply put, they want to be the best and they want others to know it, too. If you can leverage that competitive spirit by combining it with a highly visual, fun, and challenging environment, you will have struck sales gold.

Using Cloud-Based Software to Bring Sales Teams Together

As the saying goes, systems run businesses, and people run systems. Sales gamification software has many applications but perhaps its most powerful is the ability to unite sales teams which are geographically separated. Whether your sales teams work on different floors of the same building, like WaterCircles AS or in different cities across the globe, sales gamification offers powerful tools that can bring your teams together around common goals. The result is an increase in transparency, productivity, and ultimately team spirit.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine sitting in a sales room with all of your reps there together when someone closes a big sale. There’s a big celebration, maybe some balloons, possibly champagne, and the atmosphere is tingling with excitement. Because it is cloud-based, SalesScreen can make all of your sales teams feel like they are in the same room, regardless of the real distance between them. We understand that it’s not always possible to have your entire sales organization together so we have created a fun and unique SaaS platform to help everyone celebrate together regardless of location.

Literally, as I write this, our sales team in Oslo has just recorded a major sale and all of the sales reps’ stats are showing on a large TV screens in the front of our offices, along with his personal theme music. We may not be there to celebrate with them, but you can bet that we were up on the tables dancing and sending congratulations messages as soon as we saw the notification.

Screen Celebrations and Recognition - Quick Overview from SalesScreen on Vimeo.

Sales gamification has brought our teams to an unprecedented level of awareness and has increased our productivity dramatically. It’s not just the big wins that we celebrate either. Our sales motivation software is linked directly to our CRM; so, whenever a sales activity is entered or an offer is accepted, we are automatically notified. This helps to increase team spirit and also drives growth through friendly competition. Honestly, it makes work much more fun every single day.

Data Visualization and Comparisons

Our data visualization platform goes an extra step beyond just letting you quickly see and understand your own data: you can view and compare other reps too. Even if the reps are located in different offices, you can select the sales reps of your choice from the dropdown menu, select the timeline you want to view, and choose which metrics you want to compare. It’s quick, easy, convenient, and always keeps the data at your reps’ fingertips. This makes it easy to compare performance results across different offices and make adjustments as needed.

How to Use Gamification to Bring Your Sales Teams Together

TV Recognition, Events, Push Notifications

Recognition is a primary driver of human behavior. It’s why we are so enamored with Facebook, Twitter, rewards clubs, and everything else that seems to be a core part of our social structure these days. However, it can also be used in the workplace to make life a little more fun and engaging while also driving results on important KPIs.

SalesScreen brings your offices a little closer together by recognizing sales reps when they complete a sales activity. Whenever a sale is completed, your sales reps’ name, photo, details of the sale, and personal music will play on screens in your offices so that the entire team can cheer and congratulate them. You can also choose from a massive selection of slides to show the data that is most important to your organization throughout the day. Replace your outdated sales board and bell and see what it’s like to unite all of your teams at once.

How to Use Gamification to Bring Your Sales Teams Together

Our customizable events allow you to create celebrations for the key sales milestones that matter most to you. Whether it’s exceeding your monthly budget, setting a new single sale record, sending 10 offers in a week, or setting lots of new meetings, SalesScreen will help you celebrate with music and fun themed layouts. Maybe you want to pop open a bottle of champagne in all of the offices or release a bunch of balloons. Choose your template, set your metrics, and join together in celebration as you reach new goals.

In addition, we know first-hand that many sales reps are busy on-the-go and sales do not always occur at the office. So, we made it possible to add sales activity, receive push-notifications, and check updates on our mobile app for iOS and Android. This means that your sales teams can always stay informed, motivated, and updated.

How to Use Gamification to Bring Your Sales Teams Together

Sales Competitions

One of the greatest features of SalesScreen is that you can set up sales competitions between different offices. Want to know whether the team in City A or City B brought in the most sales this month? Curious which team sent the most offers or closed the most meetings? Previously, holding competitions between offices was difficult and time consuming. Not anymore!

SalesScreen uses data straight from your CRM to display sales competitions in real-time. No more sifting through spreadsheets to see who’s leading. No more marks up on the board to tally sales points. No more hassle. Our software allows you to choose from a variety of fun competition templates and set the competition up exactly how you would like it to be. Set the start/end time, select the participants (or teams), choose the key metric you want to measure on, create a winner prize, and watch as your teams surpass their goals. You can even run multiple competitions at once!

Lottery Competition from SalesScreen on Vimeo.

Summary of Benefits

Just because your sales teams are spread across different regions doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your them united and motivated towards a common goal. Keep them working as a cohesive unit and avoid the “us versus them” mentality by integrating sales motivation software with your CRM. Use the competitive instincts of your sales reps to build rather than to drive your teams apart. Establish clear goals, practice teamwork, improve communication, give feedback, recognize achievements and celebrate success with SalesScreen’s cloud-based gamification software. Distance doesn’t have to be a barrier to teamwork and success.

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