Introducing… BATTLE MODE!!!!

Have you ever wished that there was a quick, easy and visible way to challenge your colleagues in 1–1 contests?


CMO - April 6, 2016

While our team and individual competitions are great for allowing managers to set up sales contests, we wanted to give that same ability to sales reps directly. Now, you can do exactly that. Introducing…. BATTLE MODE!!!

Introducing Battle Mode (Sales Reps) - SalesScreen from Dogu on Vimeo.

This new feature allows individuals to challenge each other in head-to-head sales competitions. You can choose the type of activity that you want to compete on, which product (or all), set a goal and quickly send the invite on both web and mobile app. Raise the stakes as much as you want and see who buys lunch or beer on Friday. Create any bet you want, or none at all. How you use this fun new social feature is completely up to you. But be warned, when the competition ends, the winner and loser will be broadcast on TV’s all across your offices (if you choose)!

From your login page, simply locate “Battles” on the left side of your dashboard (it should be super easy to find; it’s the icon with two crossed swords). Once you click that tab you will be taken to a new screen where you can view all current battles within the company, view your own battles, check the leaderboards, accept battle requests and send new battle challenge invites. Not only can you view current battles, but historic battles are also saves in the pages of history and can be accessed by clicking toggling “Active/Historic” buttons.

So, it’s time to step up, get the party started and see who’s the champ. Do you have what it takes to reign victorious???


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