Introducing the Ski Competition

As a Norwegian company, skiing is in our blood (well, maybe not mine… I’m an expat). It is a sport and lifestyle ingrained into every part of Norwegian life.

Introducing the Ski Competition

Tradition has it that Norwegians are actually born with skis on their feet. So, in this home of Olympic gold medalists where skiing is the national pastime, we decided to combine our love of sales with our love of the outdoors.

Let’s be honest, I spend hours staring out at the fresh snow, just waiting for the weekend to come so I can throw some skis on my feet and hit the slopes. While it may not be quite the same, at least now I can throw this ski competition up on the TV screens throughout the office and make it feel like I’m one step closer to gliding through fresh pow. Introducing the Ski Competition

SalesScreen Ski Competition

The Ski competition is part of our “race” series, including car race and horse race. These were our original sales competitions when SalesScreen first became a product and so to honor the theme, we have gone retro on this one.

This sales competition is linear in design, meaning that whoever sells the most, sends the most offers, or completes whatever other qualifying activity you choose becomes the winner when the selected timeline expires. While this is a step backward from our more dynamic competitions like the prize competition, build a cabin, Tour de France or trophy competition, which allow many different variables and winners, we still think it’s pretty amazing.

To keep things interesting, we made this a biathlon theme; sadly, there is no way to line up at the range and shoot once you have completed your laps. However, you will notice that the top performer gets up and runs on his ski poles like stilts and there are also a few other hidden jokes. We like to bring extra humor into everything we do, to give your sales teams an extra laugh during the day. Introducing the Ski Competition

Skiing in Norway

As an added side note, this competition is great for anyone, regardless of what country you are in. But, we we’d love to share a couple of our favorite ski videos to help explain why we love skiing so much in Norway. Until next time, “God tur!”

Salomon Freeski TV 5.3 - This Is Norway from Switchback Entertainment on Vimeo.

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